Real-Time Product Alerting Tool for Amazon and Walmart Sellers

DataHawk's Product Alerting Tool allows you to stay up to date with all the changes happening to your listings on Amazon and Walmart with customizable alerts designed to give you a competitive edge.

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Customizable Alerts to Monitor
Amazon or Walmart Product Activity

Activate various proactive and reactive alerts to address any noteworthy product changes that warrant a timely response.

Product Listing Alerts

Receive alerts on changes in any Amazon or Walmart product listing information such as title, image, description, and bullet points.

Sales Rank Alerts

Receive alerts when products you track on Amazon or Walmart drop out of the top 10 BSR or when a product's BSR reaches a specific value.

Price Change Alerts

Receive alerts on the price changes of any product you track on Amazon or Walmart and customize the range of price changes.

Hijacker Alerts

Receive alerts when our software detects an unauthorized seller selling a counterfeit or similar version of your product on Amazon or Walmart.

Ratings Alerts

Receive alerts when any product get new reviews and when there are changes to the number of star ratings of any product.

Buy Box Alerts

Receive alerts when you lose or win the Buy Box on Amazon or Walmart and get updates on who is winning the Buy Box and what price.

Out of Stock Alerts

Receive alerts when the stock drops or the status goes from "in stock" to "out of stock" for any product you track on Amazon or Walmart.

Sellers Alerts

Walmart and Amazon seller tool to receive alerts when there are changes to the number of sellers selling a particular product.

Personalize Your Alerts

Schedule alerts based on custom rules or triggers related to changes in any product to track and respond to listing changes.

Surveil Competing Products

Track products’ pricing strategies and A/B testing efforts to identify ways in which you can improve your listings according to their attempts.

Safeguard Your Brands Reputation

Install rating and review alerts to bolster your brand’s reputation and increase consumer trust by responding to poor reviews timely and publicly.

Product Listing Alerts

Receive email notifications on any of the following changes:

  • Title

  • Media

  • Reviews

  • Description

  • A+ Content

  • Bullet Points

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Track price, reviews, BSR changes, and get alerts every day in your inbox.

Jennifer Greune

Director of eCommerce Marketing
EarthLite | 15-50 Employees

Great tool for understanding product analytics and market metrics.

John Berggren Bel

Marketing Director
BEL USA | 100-250 Employees

A platform designed for professionals to manage their Amazon business.

Olin Graczyk

Director of eCommerce Strategy
Greater Goods | 15-50 Employees

A must-have solution to optimize & track your products on Amazon.

Stefani Colbacchini

Amazon Brand Manager
SellerSlice | 1-15 Employees

The key formula required for your listings to succeed on Amazon.

Spencer Siegrist

eCommerce Account Coordinator
Brondell | 50-100 Employees

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