Getting started with Amazon A+ Content

DataHawk is a turnkey Amazon analytics software that helps you increase your eCommerce sales, optimize your margins, boost your productivity, and gain insights on Amazon. This is a blog post where we share a basic introduction of Amazon A+ content and where we outline how it can be leveraged to increase your sales velocity.

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Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog
Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog
Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog

1) Amazon A+ Content - What Is it?

A+ Content is your opportunity to increase your amazon competitiveness by enhancing your product listing and page details with high definition videos and images, comparison charts, robust FAQs and more. These details allow you to showcase your brand and better convey the value of your products to help customers make informed buying decisions.

In fact, according to Amazon, A+ content can drive up sales between 4 and 10%.

Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog
Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog

2) What are the Requirements for Amazon A+ Content?

If you’re either a seller or a vendor on Amazon’s e-commerce platform, you are eligible for the Amazon A+ Content program. In order to reap the benefits of this improved feature, sellers and vendors need to be registered and approved through the Amazon Brand Registry.

Eligible sellers are then able to add Enhanced Brand Content to any of the ASINs they own or have an offer for, according to Amazon Global Catalog Identifier. The Amazon A+ Content feature is available for both parent and child ASINs, respectively. 

Using A+ Content has numerous benefits, especially for vendors. When you’re a vendor, you’re automatically enlisted to the program, and you can be adding enhanced images and texts to your product descriptions. 

Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog

3) A+ Amazon Content - What are the limits?

The Amazon A+ Content is not available when the content has already been published for an ASIN by a retailer or vendor. This is already considered as enhanced content, and therefore, Amazon does not allow stacking. 

The second instance where utilizing Amazon A+ Content is impossible is with media products. As the brand registry is unavailable to products in the categories of media, videos, or e-books, sellers that operate in this category are prohibited from using Enhanced Brand Content. 

Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog

4) Is Amazon A+ Content Expensive? 

The older version of this program, Enhanced Brand Content is free to use by both sellers and vendors on the Amazon platform.

Vendors have the option to apply for a premium version of the program, which entails them to more interactive content features such as interactive videos but is available only through an invite by a vendor manager. It is also pretty expensive.

The Amazon A+ content itself is not expensive. In fact, at the moment, it is entirely free of charge. While the program itself is free of charge, the costs of creating a successful campaign that entails good visuals, interactivity, and reaping all of the benefits of the program can become rather high. 

Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog
Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog

5) What are the benefits of the A+ Content Program?

The A+ Content program has numerous benefits to both sellers and vendors and is the logical successor to Enhanced Brand Content. Enhanced Brand Content has improved ROI, sales, etc.

Amazon reports that A+ Content can improve your sales by as much as 10% if you play your cards right. Adding more visuals to your product listing alongside a good description can take your product a long way. 

Some benefits of the Amazon A+ Content program are:

  1. Higher Conversion Rates Conversion rates are some of the most critical metrics of running a profitable business you need to master. Views are nothing if they do not yield some interaction from the potential customer. By adding more pictures and better descriptions to your product, you’re given the unique opportunity to paint a better picture of the product you’re trying to sell. Conveying your point is not that easy when you’re working on an e-commerce platform, as the competition is abundant and always on edge.  You can make your product stand out with the utilization of this program, and gain an edge among your competitors in turn, by improving your conversion rates.
  2. Smaller Return Rates If a customer can understand and visualize your product, he or she is much more likely to consider and then purchase it. With the Amazon A+ Program, you can paint this picture to its fullest extent.  If a product description is clear and the customer knows what he or she is purchasing to the smallest detail, the rates at which you will have to refund and accept returns become lower, resulting in more significant profits. 
  3. Improved Reviews If you have a better understanding of the product and you’re less likely going to return it, this will prompt you to leave a better review. With better reviews, companies can stand out among the competition. One of the first things that catch the consumers’ attention is product reviews. Improving this increases ROI.  
Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog

6) How to utilize A+ Content to boost conversion rates and reducing returns?

There a couple of different ways you can make use of the Amazon A+ Content Program. Utilizing this program within your product’s marketing and operation campaign yields numerous benefits, as stated above. 

There are numerous content strategies that you can employ when using Amazon A+ Content, such as:

  • Showcase Your Product When it comes to the unique marketing strategy that is needed for your product, you need to take care of what sort of picture you’re trying to paint. It is essential to focus on the upsides of your product. Remember, the product is only going to sell well if you market it correctly. The additional visuals and text from Amazon A+ Content allow you to introduce your product and give it a new dimension of reliability and assurance of quality. Do not be afraid to show what you are offering to its fullest potential. 
  • Provide Detailed Product Descriptions When it comes to purchases that surpass a certain amount of funds, customers want to get as much information as they can before they spend their cold hard cash. It is entirely natural. As a customer, you want to make sure you’re purchasing a legitimate product, and you’re not going to get ripped off. A considerable sum will drive even the most laid back customers to discover and learn as much as they can about the product they are going to purchase, so adding a detailed product description with the Amazon A+ Content program is a must. Sellers need to provide detailed information about all of their products to stay competitive and relevant in the highly contested environment. Consumers love details. 
  • Make Your Content Understandable Making your content understandable for the masses is an easy way to appeal to them. If a man understands what you are trying to convey, he is more likely to purchase your product. If your product is highly technical, you need to make sure everyone can get it. Videos and images are a great way you can convey your product to its fullest extent. The Amazon A+ Content program allows you to manipulate the way your product is offered through the numerous features and functions it provides. 
  • Provide a Q&A People are not always going to catch on your description, video, and visuals when you’re trying to sell your product. They might have some additional questions about it. If you have missed something, there will be many repeat questions.  Answer as much as you can to show that you are an active vendor. This gives another layer of reliability and reputability to your firm and product. Address all of the questions professionally, and address as many of them as you can. 
  • Make Your Product Stand Out When it comes to online e-commerce platforms, there are many listings of the same product. Amazon is one such platform and is an overly competitive marketplace. Making your product stand out from the competition can sometimes be a little bit of a challenge. Amazon A+ Content can make your product stand out through the sheer amount of information and visuals you provide alongside the product listing itself. Sponsored products are always going to appear, and if your advertising budget is not vast, these might take away from your sales rates. Fill out all of the information and provide as many visuals as you possibly can. Do not sacrifice quality for quantity, as a good quality short description is far better than a long, shoddy one.
  • Represent Your Brand A brand is only as good as its products. A good product lineup and proper marketing make a brand stand out among the competition. People dislike doing their business with faceless big corporations, so make sure to represent your brand in a personal way. Professionalism is an essential factor, yet people still prefer knowing that a reliable, quality brand is representing their product. Give each product your personal brand touch, and don’t be afraid to tell your story. If your brand has a long history or numerous partnerships or any positive aspects, really, people will want to know. A good brand story and representation can take a product from a mere item to a form of support. People like to know where their things are coming from, and you have to give them the proper information presented in the limelight. 
  • Improve Customer Engagement and Interaction Online shopping is slowly overtaking regular shopping as the standard. Yet, this method, while providing numerous benefits, still lacks the personal touch and full experience which stores offer. When you’re purchasing something through the internet, you’re unable to experience it to the fullest. There is no physical contact. This does not mean you can not improve your customer engagement, and the way to achieve is through the utilization of Amazon A+ Content visuals. Visuals are the next best thing to physical contact when it comes to product representations. Images and videos can take your product to the next level, increasing engagement and customer interaction, resulting in sales.

Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog

7) When Should I solicit Amazon A+ Content?

Now is a good time as any to utilize Amazon A+ content on all of your eligible products. Since this service is currently free of charge, it should be your priority to use all of its aspects in all of the product listings that apply for the program.

Utilizing the service can reap some immense benefits for your products and result in some good ROI, but even if the service itself might be free, the process of adapting your products to it is not.

Adding Amazon A+ Content to your product requires you to improve the visuals and descriptions. If you have quite a lot of products you would like to implement, the costs of production can get quite high.

Never substitute quantity for quality, as a lot of mediocre content, will never result in successful ROI, SEO, and conversion rates as a small amount of high-quality content.

Improving all of your listings on Amazon will cost money and require time. You’re not going to be able to implement this system in all of your products, all at once.

Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog

8) How do I Produce The Best Optimal Amazon A+ Content?

Producing enhanced content for all of your listings is your top priority, and the primary purpose of this is to increase conversions. Increasing conversion rates results in sales, which in turn results in more profits and a better ROI.

Now, producing this form of enhanced content is not as simple as adding a couple of different new lines to its description and a couple of new pictures. The process itself is not that complicated either. It just requires you to change your content production mindset. You’re provided with an advanced tool that can be utilized to create revolutionary new content.

Keep the following in mind when you’re working to produce your new A+ Content optimization:

  1. Make It A Product Homepage The most important thing that you can do when you are utilizing this service is to use it to its fullest extent. The Amazon A+ Content Tool allows you to create a sort of homepage for your product, giving it a unique look and feel. Making your product personal gives it another aspect of reliability, resulting in more sales. 
  2. Plan Ahead You can’t just throw all of the information around. It needs to be a neatly organized list. You need to ensure that you’re providing all the information you can in a personal list-type manner.
  3. Focus Focus is an important part of your product. Try not to strive away from the core idea of the product in any way while conveying its story. 
  4. Remember The Brand Branding is what makes products stand out from the competition. The competition on Amazon, such as any other e-commerce platform, is fierce, and proper branding is the key to maintaining a stable populace of consumers. 
Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog

9) How do I upload my A+ Content? 

Uploading your content through the Amazon A+ Content Tool is very simple. All you need to do is find the section where the service is located, which is Advertising for sellers and Merchandising for Vendors. 

You will be provided with a simple list of instructions, and you need to follow them to start implementing this in your product listing. 

There are a couple of different modules that are available to you through the Amazon Seller Central. These can be edited and mixed to suit all of your needs. 

When you are turning from your orthodox product listing to improved Amazon A+ Content, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. Remember, this is an advanced tool that has different implementations, so doing it well is of the utmost priority.  

When you are upgrading to A+ Content, keep the following in mind:

  1. Mobile Optimization Mobile optimization is one of the main priorities of your new content. Most e-commerce browsers browse through their desktop, but there is a fair amount of people that prefer to take their shopping habits on the go. 
  2. Amazon will resize images and fit texts to adjust to the screen, but the customers have to expand the descriptions to view A+ listings on mobile platforms. Test before you apply to make sure your listing is satisfactory. 
  3. Image Keywords and Optimization Amazon will optimize your images for you when it comes to size, but you need to make sure that the sizing issues are resolved. Sometimes, small details won’t be visible when your images are scaled. When you upload an image, you need to fill in the image keywords, known as alt-texts. Alt-texts are sentences that describe what is on the image, improving SEO and other factors. 
  4. Don’t Overdo It When you are editing your content, you might see quite a lot of space. Remember not to overdo it. Not all of this space will appear on the final product listing, just the things you have filled out. You should fill out detailed descriptions, but don’t strive away from the core idea. Sometimes, less is more. 
  5. Language Optimization The beautiful thing that comes with Amazon A+ Content is its wide application. You can add numerous languages to the same marketplace, therefore optimizing your content and product to more language areas, removing language barriers, and spreading your market influence. 
  6. Remember the Waiting Time Waiting for your content to be approved or rejected can take up to 7 days when it comes to Amazon A+ Content. The feedback you will get from the Amazon approval team will arrive before that date. If your content has been rejected, it could be because you’ve violated one of the terms, of which there are many. 
Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog

10) What Violates Amazon A+ Content Terms

There is a surprising amount of content that might violate A+ Content Terms, and all of them apply as terms for rejection. Amazon provides a list of what qualifies as a violation, and the list goes: 

  • Providing Company Information 
  • Mentioning Competitors Products
  • Pricing or Promotion
  • Shipping Details
  • Copyright Information
  • Boastful Commenting 
  • Time-Sensitive Products
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Editorial Quotes
  • Blurry Images
  • Random Images
  • Duplicate Images
  • Warranties
  • Plagiarism 
  • External Links
  • Abusive Images
  • Grammatical Errors, Misspelling, All-Caps
  • Criminal activity
  • Wrong Category
  • Wrong Language
  • Obsolete Claims
  • Watermarks/Obscured Text
Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog

11) How do I know if my Amazon A+ Content is working?

Amazon A+ Content can be a really useful tool if implemented to your product listing promptly. It is important to monitor your content conversion rate to make sure you’re utilizing this addition to its fullest extent.

Amazon A+ Content is a great addition but is by far not the thing that will save a failing product. If a product is failing, it could be for numerous reasons, completely unrelated to the description. Make sure you’ve done all the necessary content approval steps before implementing Amazon A+ Content into your listing.

Sellers have generally had a positive experience with the Amazon A+ Contents predecessor, the Enhanced Content Program. The conversion rate is bound to go down once your A+ Content goes live, as it indicated that you did something wrong. Check and optimize your content for Amazon A+. 

Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog

12) PPC Conversion Monitoring

PPC is the premium new system that more and more advertisers have begun to implement within their services. It stands for a Pay Per Click System, which only requires you to pay once your advertisement has been interacted with by a potential customer.

Amazon A+ Content can be used to maximize your PPC Campaign, Bid Adjustments, and SEO for products to ensure your ad appears in searches. Make sure your investment is protected.

Getting started with Amazon A+ Content DataHawk Blog

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