How to Build an Amazon Brand Story With A+ Content

This article explains how to build an Amazon Brand Story for your Amazon Private Label Brand and explores the myriad of benefits of creating a Brand Story. Storytelling is an excellent way to enhance a brand’s content on Amazon. Strategically building a Brand Story allows brands to distinguish themselves and their products from the masses, which is why Amazon created a tool that enables sellers to describe their products using brand stories. 

Building an Amazon Brand Story using enhanced brand content

According to Amazon, when used effectively, the A+ Content tool has the utmost potential to help sellers increase conversion rates, traffic, and overall sales. As a result, sellers can now communicate more memorable brand content to their target audience and prospective customers. 

What Is an Amazon Brand Story?

An Amazon Brand Story is a feature of Amazon’s A+ Content tool that allows sellers to improve the quality of their product detail pages with a more comprehensive description of products through the use of compelling content, including graphics and videos. Building an Amazon Brand Story on product pages reminds customers that you are not just selling a product for the purpose of turning a profit but rather that your brand represents an ethos. The value in cultivating an appealing Brand Story lies in its ability to increase trust, awareness, and brand loyalty. 

Amazon Brand Story Eligibility Requirements 

Amazon Brand Stories are an exclusive feature only available to sellers who are part of Amazon’s Brand Registry Program. To qualify for Amazon’s Brand Registry Program, you must have an active registered Amazon trademark. Whether or not you intend to use Amazon’s Brand Story feature, sellers should highly consider joining Amazon’s Brand Registry Program as it offers tools designed to optimize and protect your brand.

Building an Amazon Brand Story using enhanced brand content

How to Create an Amazon Brand Story

Sellers can add Amazon’s Brand Story feature using the A+ Content tool under the advertising tab. Once added, brand stories appear in the A+ Content detail page between the listings bullet points and the product description section. This section provides step-by-step instructions on how to build an Amazon Brand Story for your product.

Step One 

Log in to Amazon Seller Central and select “A+ Content Manager“ under the Advertising tab. 

Building an Amazon Brand Story using enhanced brand content

Step Two

Confirm the previous step by clicking on the “Start creating A+ content” button. 

Building an Amazon Brand Story using enhanced brand content

Step Three

Given that Amazon’s Brand Story feature is only available to sellers who have Amazon Brand Registry, other sellers are not eligible to create a Brand Story. The former can proceed by choosing the “Create a Brand Story” option.

Building an Amazon Brand Story using enhanced brand content

Step Four

Once you click on the “Create a Brand Story“ tab, the platform will direct you to the Brand Story screen. Here, you will have the option of answering some questions about your brand. Be sure to keep your answers concise and engaging. Focus your content around why you started your brand, what your bigger purpose is, and why your customers would benefit from being loyal to your products and your brand at large. Once you have created compelling content, you will provide two images in sets and a slogan text for each. One image will display brand stories on a mobile device, and the other will be used for a computer. Before filling out the “Image keywords“ section, be sure to conduct Amazon keyword research to optimize your product’s search visibility and accessibility. 

Building an Amazon Brand Story using enhanced brand content

Make sure that each picture is high-resolution and sized appropriately. Follow the subsequent steps when uploading your images to ensure they meet Amazon’s guidelines.

For Desktop

Image 1: 315 px X 315 px minimum 

Image 2: 150 px X 150 px minimum 

For Mobile

Image 1: 240 px X 84 px minimum 

Image 2: 175 px X 53 px minimum 

Step Five

Next, find and select the ASINs you would like to add. Then, on the following screen, you will be given the option to add your new Amazon Brand Story to several product listings using the “bulk upload“ feature. After you have finished, click “Next: Review and Submit.“

Once you have submitted your Brand Story, you will have to wait for Amazon’s approval, which can take up to 24 hours or more. Following the approval process, you can find the Amazon Brand Story for your product on the product page just beneath the title.

Building an Amazon Brand Story using enhanced brand content

What Are the Benefits of Building an Amazon Brand Story?

According to marketing experts, it only takes eight seconds to convert visitors into customers. But the magic question is, what is responsible for the conversion? It is the quality of your content. When a visitor searches for a product and lands on a product page, the content they see is the most important thing to keep them interested.

Amazon product pages contain a lot of information, some necessary, some unnecessary. Amazon sellers should ensure the information on product pages is A+ Content. Amazon Brand Stories work to differentiate products from their competitors by using enhanced brand content to create lasting impressions among prospective clients. Below are some of the benefits of building a compelling Amazon Brand Story.

Building an Amazon Brand Story using enhanced brand content

Amazon Brand Stories Help Customers Forge Connections With Brands 

When selling a product, it is vital for customers to forge connections with brands. Amazon Brand Stories are a way for sellers to share their brand story on a human-to-human level. You can do this by communicating your brand’s values and speaking about the mission behind the product. Customers love feeling connected and inspired by a product and will usually purchase from brands they feel connected to. However, it is also essential to be transparent about the selling process. In other words, you can display your product as a moral choice for the customer or anyone who needs it. This can be extremely helpful for smaller brands, who have yet to create a mark in customers’ minds but are on the way to do so.

Amazon Brand Stories Allow Seller’s to Distinguish Their Product

Incorporating Amazon’s Brand Story feature to your product listing page can help sellers distinguish their product from the sea of competitors. Highlighting a product’s unique value proposition via Amazon’s brand story is one way to optimize your Amazon product listings. You can use this feature to market your products in greater detail by adding videos or infographics to your product listing page. Doing so increases customer engagement and enhances customers’ shopping experience. Smaller businesses, in particular, can reap the benefits of this feature by boasting their small business charm and emphasizing what characteristics make their product unique and better than the rest.

Amazon Brand Stories Increase Brand Awareness

Branding expert Kylie Goldstein reveals that it takes approximately ten seconds for customers to develop an impression from a brand’s logo and five to seven brand impressions for them to remember a product. Amazon’s Brand Story feature allows sellers to display their logo throughout the product page in a non-invasive manner. This technique increases brand awareness on Amazon and can help grow your loyal customer base.  

Amazon Brand Stories Can Reduce Returns and Diminish Negative Reviews

Using Amazon Brand Stories to forge connections with customers, distinguish products, and establish brand awareness can reduce return rates and diminish the probability of receiving negative reviews. In addition, Amazon product reviews play a significant role in influencing customers’ purchasing decision process. Decreasing the number of product returns and negative reviews can also benefit a seller by enhancing their reputation—all the benefits listed above work to increase conversion rates.

Building an Amazon Brand Story using enhanced brand content

Amazon Brand Story Best Practices 

To make the best or most effective use of the Amazon Brand Story feature, you should do the following with your content:

  1. Choose images that captivate your customers and incorporate your logo in some place on the image. When uploading images, do so in the highest possible resolution. 
  2. The written content on your product page should be concise, authentic, and descriptive. 
  3. Choose words that highlight the essence of your product and brand at large. 
  4. Exhibit your best-selling products where appropriate on the product page to increase ASIN exposure.
  5. Monitor selling metrics to track the impact of your Brand Story.

Concluding Remarks 

Amazon understands the power of a compelling Brand Story, so it created a tool and space for sellers to tell their own. Now more than ever, Amazon’s constantly-evolving customer-centric platform allows customers and sellers to engage with one another to establish a positive repertoire that benefits Amazon, sellers, and customers. 

Using Amazon’s A+ Content tool and Brand Story feature, savvy brands can create content that drives conversions, increases brand awareness, enhances reputation, and emphasizes quality products. When testing and evaluating the impact of your newly launched Brand Story, be sure to reckon the efficacy of your keywords. 

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