Don't Underestimate the Amazon Influencer Program

To some marketers, hiring an Amazon influencer might feel a bit silly. However, the power of Amazon social media marketing is becoming far more helpful. As Amazon releases more features related to being an influencer, the world's most customer-centric company is reminding us that they too can contribute with influencers. 

This article will delve into the Amazon influencer program. We will show you how to become an Amazon influencer and the requirements behind the program. By the end of this article, you will have an ample understanding of how this program applies to your practice.

Amazon Influencer Program

1. What is Amazon's Influencer Program?

The Amazon influencer program allows influential parties on almost any social media platform to advertise various products. To be an Amazon influencer includes being a general social media influencer. The program exists to bring content creators and famous web stars together for collaborative purposes. 

Influencers also have access to unique store pages filled with products featured by them. Part of the Amazon influencer program requirements is to manage your social media presence while also managing an influencer storefront. 

The idea is to make your product visible through content creation. For example, if you make a makeup line, a beauty-based content creator can help you display that makeup on their face. Seeing the product in action is a crucial component to hit your target audience.

2. How is this Program Different from Amazon Associates?

Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon's standard affiliate program is known as Amazon associates. Unlike its influencer program, you do not need a social media presence to participate in the associate's program.

Still, the associate's program is a form of Amazon social media marketing, as you can still post blogs and YouTube videos related to Amazon's products. 

The significant difference comes from the Amazon influencer program requirements. Other than having a social media presence, Amazon determines your eligibility based on these areas:

  • Follower count (which is not disclosed by Amazon)
  • Existence of specific social media accounts
  • You need to be a family-friendly social media personality 
  • Engagement metrics

Let's break down each section below:

3. Amazon influencer program requirements.

> How Many Followers Do You Need to Be an Amazon Influencer? 

Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon's influencer page does not explicitly mention any follower count. However, there is some speculation that the minimum follower count is 20 thousand. When wondering how to become an Amazon influencer, they aren't likely to decline you based on too many followers. 

> What Social Media Accounts Do You Need To Participate? 

Amazon allows participants who come from four different social media platforms:

  • Instagram: Instagram is best for photo content. Anything with a heavy visual element can benefit. 
  • Facebook: Facebook is excellent at engaging in a combination of photo and video platforms. The platform offers much for many types of influencers. Because you can add family and friends, influencers who emphasize their local roots can benefit heavily here. 
  • YouTube: The amazon affiliate program YouTube option is great for content creators who love to tell engaging stories. Product displays and examples find a great home here, and many review channels exist. 
  • Twitter: Twitter is great for people who like short-form content. It is typically in conjunction with other platforms, but you can engage if you excel in short, punchy content creation. 

If you want to become an influencer for the Amazon affiliate program, YouTube is likely a great starting point. As visual media and search become more prevalent than text and pictures, the most growth potential will come from video.  If you are a brand seeking an influencer, select a video if you would like to see your product in action. Amazon Live is one such example of how influencers display how valuable your product can be. 

> Why Do You Need to be Family Friendly to be Part of the Program? 

Amazon doesn't specifically mention the need to be family-friendly, so we are making some assumptions here. But when it comes to affiliate marketing programs, most companies do not appreciate their product linked to inappropriate content. Amazon has clear policies against hate speech and discrimination. If you are wondering how to become an Amazon influencer, being an immature public figure is not one way to do this. 

> How Do Engagement Metrics Apply to Amazon Influencer Requirements? 

Engagement metrics measure the effectiveness of your posts. For example, Amazon posts allow you to track the effectiveness of how well your posts do. Other social media platforms do the same. If you are a product review channel with an average of 100 thousand views per video, that's great. But you can't expect to earn commission on products without encouraging a sale (when it makes sense). 

4. How to Blend Amazon Live & Amazon Posts with Amazon's Influencer Program?

Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon's latest updates tell us all of the importance of on and off-site customer engagement; both Amazon posts and the new program emphasize the importance of creating complete customer experiences. Amazon social media marketing efforts are strengthening with the inclusion of these platforms. 

Posts, for example, can be found on competitor's webpages. Those posts may include a picture of the influencer using the product. Indicating your posts are the chosen product of an influencer creates a potentially lucrative campaign. Posts may also work in conjunction with a specific advertisement initiative. For example, creating a series of posts showing the product alongside an Amazon affiliate program YouTube drive might work to your advantage. 

If potential affiliates wonder about the Amazon influencer requirements, this would be their opportunity to try on the pants. The total effort combines to create a complete Amazon social media marketing campaign. 

What About Amazon Live?

Amazon Live is a pre-existing influencers platform built into Amazon's storefront. Many of the influencers you might be assigned to will utilize this service. At one point you might see your products featured on Amazon Live.

In addition, Brands may use Amazon Live to educate people on the best use of their product. For example, many brands will be using Prime Day and Black Friday to draw attention to their products. What you can do in the meantime is develop your Live presence.

You can become an influencer yourself this way, we will be discussing that in greater detail later. Regardless, the combined approach provides you with the potential to interact with customers. Those engagements can result in sales. 

Boosting Your Social Media Presence with Amazon Posts 

Amazon Posts are exclusive to those part of the brand registry. As a result, a combination of posts and influencers provides you an overall social media boost. Linking people back to your brand page allows you to grow your brand. We've mentioned the importance of having multiple advertisement campaigns working together before. Having social media posts combined with PPC campaigns and influencer contributions is a combined attack that increases your chances with any products. 

For example, if you are announcing a new version of your product, it is crucial to get it in front of as many people as possible. Doing so allows you to increase the potential sales rank of the page, thus resulting in a higher potential for organic growth. 

While A10 focuses more on relevant listings over sales, more sales mean more five-star reviews. For example, taking advantage of the Amazon affiliate program YouTube option allows you to gain exposure through visual content. The new age of Amazon social media marketing emphasizes this combined approach. A10 also emphasizes the importance of gaining more off-site traffic. For more details on how this algorithm helps your on and off-site efforts, check our blog on the topic


5. How Can An Amazon Seller Find the Best-Suited Influencer?

Amazon Influencer Program

A crucial component of Amazon influencer program requirements comes back to linking together influencers and sellers. Whether you want to become an influencer or a seller, it's vital to find someone suited for your needs. Thankfully, Amazon does most of the heavy lifting for you. The algorithm finds appropriate influencers to link to your product. Part of those Amazon influencer requirements comes back to being engaging in the right way. 

How Does it Work Once You Find the Right Match? 

Once Amazon finds the right match for you, your items appear on their influencer storefront. For example, let's say you sell incredibly comfortable yoga pants. You might end up on the Influencer page of Bee Bosnak: 

Amazon Influencer Program

Bee Bosnak is a business mentor and spiritual healer. She created the Heal Yourself method, which seeks to be something of a self-help studio for yourself and your business. She is an excellent example of the Amazon influencer program requirements in action, as she has a significant social presence without an overwhelming amount of followers.

Her Instagram sports about 24 thousand followers, a fine feat when engaging the right people. It's her ability to engage with her audience which hits the right social media strategy. Her influencer storefront shows a wide variety of products, from tech to swimwear. As an influencer, she displays herself so people would want to imitate her life. Her closest followers may browse this page often to get her latest obsessions. 

6. How to Become an Amazon Influencer - Quick Tips and Tricks

Amazon Influencer Program

If you want to know how to become an Amazon influencer, it happens to go great for engaging social media personalities. However, managing an audience and keeping them entertained can be pretty challenging. Keep in mind that influencers sometimes use their clout to create brands. For example, Hila Klein of H3 H3 is the owner of the famous Teddy Fresh clothing line. However you want to make your brand an Amazon Seller, you can do so using this method. 


Find a Niche to Produce In 

Your first step as an influencer is to start with a small niche. A small niche can be anything you are interested in at first. If you want to be an influencer, starting narrow allows you to catch underserved portions of audiences. Eventually, the idea is to expand that niche to include additional areas. As an Amazon Seller, you can choose to find a niche associated with a product you may want to sell. For example, a fashion niche can easily associate you with clothing. Eventually, you can replace other brand's clothing with your brand. 


Create a Regular Social Media Schedule 

At the beginning of each week, start by writing out a schedule of posts. You can choose to do this at the beginning of a month, every two months, or even an entire year. However, plans don't always work out over long periods. You'll find that going back too far may mean that you post content no longer current. This situation typically happens if you post beyond a month or later. Be ready to switch things out for current topics when you deem them to be appropriate. If you specialize in visual content (videos or photos), take the time you need to think about composition. You don't want to upload a low-quality YouTube video and expect it to impress your audience.


Decide on What Equipment You Need 

Becoming an influencer comes with certain minimum equipment investments. Typically, you can find much of the equipment on your phone. However, things like editing software will require some level of investment. If you are looking to save some money on that front, several smaller brands offer lifetime deals. You can stick with paying out to Adobe Creative Cloud, which has Premier Pro as their staple video editing software for stability. 


Engage Your Audience 

Equipment, schedules, and social media presence are all great. But if you don't have that hook, nobody is going to follow you on your socials. The idea is to show up ready to perform. Whether you are a reviewer or an entertainer, that means creating value-based content that people. You expand that same energy to your brand, and that high energy translates into profits. Creating original designs or marketing campaigns is only as engaging as the person behind it. 

Becoming Your Own Influencer 

You can apply this to advertising yourself, but know that engaging people to buy your products might be difficult. Reviewing other products means creating the PPC campaigns, which draws them to look up product reviews that you can make. Becoming your own influencer cannot involve reviewing your products, as there is no legitimacy in it.  

In this case, you'll want to do what you can to create engaging brand stories. Combining this with Amazon social media marketing (other influencers, Amazon Live, Amazon Posts) is a bonus. Tell people about what inspired you to create the brand and why you made the product. 

7. Amazon Influencer Requirements - FAQs

  • How Do Amazon Influencers Get Paid? 

Amazon influencers receive payment upon the sale of products through their unique URLs. In this case, it has no difference from the standard affiliate program. However, influencers are likely to get paid more due to their increased clout.


  • What is the Blue Check on Influencer Pages? 

To become a verified influencer means you have a significant following. Going back to our earlier example, Bee Bosnak has a blue check next to her name to indicate that she has verified her influencer identity. Verified influencers can gain followers on Amazon like any other social media platform.


  • Do You Have to Review Products to be an Influencer? 

The influencer program does not specify if you need to review products. However, product reviews are an easy way for influencers to become part of the platform. Your other choices are to show the products in action, encouraging viewers to match your style by buying it. You can also have a "behind the scenes" video to talk about your equipment used to film. 


  • Are You Allowed to Critique Items as an Influencer?

As an Amazon reviewer, you cannot praise everything released on the platform. The complete positivity will ruin anyone's credibility as a reviewer. A reviewer has to review things after all. 

Amazon does not state you have to be positive about every product you review. Be critical of items that need critiquing, and that helps maintain credibility. 


  • Do Sellers Have to Use Influencers Exclusively Through Their Platform? 

With the new release, there's some concern that sellers are stuck with Amazon-specific influencers. However valid Amazon's platform is on this subject, they do not require you to use their influencers. Because of Amazon's A10 Algorithm, they do encourage you to try some things off the platform. 

When looking for off-site influencers, you will have to handle their payment personally. Be sure you have a method of tracking the number of clicks from an influencer's location. Having a system already ready allows you to track the effectiveness of those campaigns. 


  • One Last Tip: Diversify Your Campaigns 

The Amazon influencer program requirements aren't too high, but you can't marry yourself to a single form of marketing strategy.

For example, focusing entirely on the Amazon affiliate program YouTube option limits you to people who prefer looking things up on that social media platform. It's essential to combine this with campaigns from other social media, your website, and PPC campaigns. 

To be sure of which of your campaigns are working, use DataHawk for your product lineup data-driven approach. Advertising analytics can help you understand which of your areas are working and areas you need to drop.

8. Final Thoughts 

The Amazon influencer requirements aren't too steep, and finding the right influencer is entirely automated. However, keep a firm reminder that you cannot stick yourself to this form of advertisement. At the same time, it is essential not to underestimate what an influencer can do for your products. It's also not good to hang all of your products on a single hope.  

With various campaigns that include influencers, you have the potential to boost your sales rank with combined campaigns. In combination with data-driven keywords, you can also rank high on the Amazon search engine. More sales create more potential for positive reviews on your product. 

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