How to create a bundle listing on Amazon?

How To Bundle Products On Amazon?

Rumor has it that a new secret sales strategy for you to boost sales is live out there on Amazon. It is a virtual tool that simply saves both Amazon FBA sellers and shoppers on Amazon when it comes to time and money, and it’s called the Virtual Product Bundles Program. 

1. What is Amazon Virtual Bundles Program? 

The Amazon virtual bundles program is a new powerful tool that is technically still on Beta, but many FBA sellers were able to use it last year as part of a Beta test group. It is currently open to sellers with Amazon Brand registry 2.0 (Log into your Amazon seller central account and check if you have access to it as well). 

This Virtual Amazon Bundles tool enables you to create product bundles with numerous ASINs. Thanks to it, you can sell two to five bundled complementary ASINs, on one product detail page. Also, FBA sellers can provide Amazon bundles without having to change the FBA inbound inventory nor package them together. 

For instance, if you are selling a “Yoga Mat” as one ASIN and a “hand towel” as another ASIN, the Virtual Amazon Bundles tool enables you to match a product bundle of items in a sole single ASIN and eventually vend the deal. Amazon takes care of these two items by shipping them together from your inventory once a shopper purchases your product bundle from the product details page. Also, you don’t have to worry about packing the amazon bundle products together. 


  • There is no need for you to create a new UPC barcode for your Amazon bundles.
  • Make bundles without having to send separate inventory to Amazon or prepackaged items.
  • Advertise products together on Amazon product listing and eventually get the “frequently bought together” box.
  • The main product in the Amazon bundle gets a prominent widget on the page.

2. Who is eligible for Amazon Virtual Bundles Program?  

The new Amazon Virtual Bundles Program identifies sellers who meet specific criteria, and it is now accessible to brand owners. So, for you to be qualified for the program, you should: 

  • Be a brand registered seller, with ASINs belonging to your brand.
  • Your FBA inventory must be active for your ASINs.
  • You can only create Amazon bundles in the US store. 
  • Your virtual bundle cannot contain gift cards, renewed or already utilized ASINs, and other digitized items. 

3. How to set up your Amazon Virtual Bundles?

1 - First things first, log in to your Amazon Seller Central account and go to the Product Bundle page. 

Amazon bundles

2 - Choose two to five ASINs that you want to bundle from your selected brand-registered products. 

Amazon bundles

3 - For your Amazon Product Listing, you can upload up to 9 images. 

Amazon bundles

4 - Choose a title, price, and description for your Amazon bundle, make sure to follow Amazon’s guidelines for that. For instance, your price has to be equal or less than what your customer would pay if they were to purchase everything separately. 

Amazon bundles

5- The final step for you to complete the Amazon bundle, is to enter your seller SKU and bullet points text. 

Amazon bundles

BUT, in case you are still new to Amazon product bundling, here’s a little guide for you to better understand how it works. 

4. What is Amazon product bundling? 

One thing customers tend to search for and are pleased to spot when on Amazon: Product bundles. They are a great deal for any e-shopper out there, as they consist of several products combined as a single unit and sold at a lower price than what you’ll usually get if you sold them separately. 

This brilliant marketing strategy helps your company creatively boost sales and profit, by enabling you to display a unique set of new products on Amazon’s catalog, which makes you the sole seller on Amazon that carries that listing, and hence live in the Buy Box. 

Bear in that mind Amazon product bundles are not multipacks. They are complementary amazon bundle products that simplify the customer experience when packaged together. For instance, you can bundle swimming goggles, along with their earplugs, nose clip, and swim cap. 

Amazon bundles

5. Why should you create product bundles on Amazon? 

Amazon bundles come with great benefits. No competition for you is one of them. By creating Amazon bundles, you are offering your customers a unique experience, as they receive a complete package at a low price, and the chance of finding those Amazon product bundles elsewhere is pretty small, unless your competitors spot your Amazon bundles, and end up using a similar strategy.

You are also simplifying the shopping process for your customers or potential ones, as they end up making effortless purchases with everything they need at the same time, which saves them not only money but time as well. 

Adding to that, if you have products that are stuck in your inventory and don't seem to sell anytime soon, bundling them with complementary items can be their way out of your stocks. 

Also, Amazon bundles enable you to cross-promote your product line by offering a diversified portfolio that would eventually appeal to price-sensitive customers, as they get to buy it at a discounted rate. 

6. What are the drawbacks you might face with Amazon product bundling?

-There is a chance that your product bundles get removed over copyright infringement if you don't follow Amazon's precise guidelines word by word. 

- You can't edit your Amazon product listing once you create it, so if you don't get it right the first time, there is a possibility that your bundle might fail. 

- Once your competitors see what you've done with your Amazon bundles and end up doing the same, your products are not unique anymore, and hence their Buy Box opportunity disappears.

7. What are you not able to bundle products on Amazon? 

You must go through Amazon Product Bundling Policy before setting your Amazon Bundles, as it provides you with all the rules to follow and restrictions to avoid. The general bundle strategy shows you the product categories that cannot be bundled together, for instance : 

  • Combined branded products 
  • Generic products 
  • FBA-banned products 
  • Books, CDs, DVDs
  • Amazon bundles containing separate warranty products or extended service plans

There also guidelines to respect related to the bundle's images, titles, and product details that include: 

  •  The Amazon bundles should not surpass a maximum of 200 characters in its title length and follow a specific format provided by Amazon in its policy. 
  • You should always include the word "Bundle" in your Product Title.
  • Mention in your product details in at least one bullet point that your product is a bundle and that it contains an "X" number of items that customers can identify. 
  • Your chosen image for your product bundle should not include any items that Amazon excludes from the package. 

For more in-depth details on Amazon bundles, here is Amazon product bundling policy guidelines, and make sure to check the website as well. 

Amazon bundles

8. How To Bundle Products On Amazon?

Now that you are familiar with Amazon bundles, what to avoid, and guidelines to follow, it is time for you to learn how to create one. Here is a complete step-by-step guide for you to do that. 

Step 1: Create a Title to your Amazon Bundle 

The ultimate way for you to name your Amazon product bundle is to outline its primary objective and key concept. You should include the most important words at the beginning of the title, then place strong additional keywords after it. You must use insightful Amazon vendors tools for the best ideas. You must respect Amazon’s format by adding the word “bundle” to your title along with the number of items you are going to include in your product bundle. 

The following picture shows you clearly how an Amazon Product Bundle should look like :

Amazon bundles

Step 2 Package your Amazon Bundles 

Your customers are expecting to receive something more than just items inside a box. So putting some creative thoughts into how you will package your new Amazon bundle is a necessary step for you to consider. 

If you are focusing more on the practicality of the selected items, then a cardboard box for instance would still be a possible option. 

Make sure to save some room of movement for your items inside the packaging, as it is important that your customer receives them undamaged. A tip you can use to avoid that is by including tissue or packing paper, bubble wrap, or air pillow for example packaging elements to protect your bundle. 

Amazon bundles

Step 3: Price your Amazon bundles 

Assessing the perfect price for your Amazon bundle is a very important step to give much attention to. Your customers should find value in your proposed bundle, and in return, you should make a profit from that, so a smart rule for you to follow when bundling items together is through adjusting affordability to profitability. 

Use Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator to have a concrete idea on your final price, and read this 2020 Guide To Amazon Fees and FBA Calculator article in case you want to better understand how it works.

PS: Your cost of items should also include packaging and shipping costs. 

Amazon bundles

Step 4: Create your Amazon bundle listing 

Having a good Amazon bundle listing is crucial for you to gain success on Amazon as well as potential customers. So you make sure your listing includes: 

  • High-resolution images that display your Amazon bundles from different angles with a zoom-in option
  • Include strong bullet points to your Amazon bundle features and description, and state your product bundle’s benefits, as a way to drive more profit and set your product apart from that of other sellers on Amazon. 
  • Optimize your title and overall listing with powerful Amazon keywords.
  • Don’t add extra items to your Amazon bundle listing, it should be clear and concise because if you end up including ones to it, you will end with bad reviews, which will consequently affect your sales on Amazon FBA. 
Amazon bundles

Step 5: Create a UPC barcode for your Amazon Bundle

Before posting your new Amazon bundle listing, you will have to create a UPC barcode ( Universal Product Code) for it.  It should be placed later on outside of your amazon bundle packaging, or if your items can be scanned through your packaging, then you can simply put the barcodes on them. 

Step 6: Choose the right category for your Amazon bundle

After creating your new Amazon bundle listing, you will have to place your bundle in the most relevant category. You should base your chosen product category upon the main item in your Amazon bundle, as you can merely list your product bundle in one category. For instance, if you are selling coffee machine along with its capsules, your main product is a coffee machine, so it should be under the " Home & Kitchen" category, more specifically "Coffee Makers."

Amazon bundles


Amazon bundles are the perfect way for you as a seller to create new and unique product options for your customers or potential ones that bring in the right profit. Your Amazon bundles are original, complement one another, can be sold all at once, and ease the shopping experience. They reduce the pain of having to search for multiple products that go together, which saves everyone’s (shoppers and retailers) time and money. 

Having a virtual Amazon product bundling program can be nothing but beneficial and powerful for Amazon FBA sellers. It enables you to provide product value to your customers and stay a step ahead from your competitors. The virtual Amazon bundles tool helps you increase your revenue per sale and offer Amazon bundles with multiple ASINs. What does this mean? 

An ultimate skyrocketing of your Amazon FBA business in 2020. So let’s wait and see what other brilliant results this new Virtual Amazon Product bundle tool will bring us soon! 

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