Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcasts

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

There are countless eCommerce podcasts out there dedicated to Amazon sellers that you can listen to, gain valuable insights and lessons from, and eventually, use to help your business grow on the Amazon marketplace. 

 These podcasts are usually hosted by industry experts, enabling you to gather a wide range of accurate information, on the go, and in a much smarter approach in today’s digital landscape. 

We’ve listed the best Amazon seller podcasts available in 2020, so you can check them out and do two things at once, especially when you’re busy and don’t have time to go through Amazon-related blog articles. 

With that being said, and without further ado, here’s a list of the best Amazon seller podcasts for 2020. 

Podcast #1:  eCommerce Conversations by Practical eCommerce 

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

Hosted by Eric Bandhols, founder and CEO of Beardbrand, “eCommerce Conversations” is a weekly podcast where inspiring entrepreneurs and industry practitioners are interviewed to discuss the realities of online selling. This podcast includes actionable content related to the best practices, strategies, and most recent trends to help you enhance your eCommerce business.

Podcast #2 The eCommerce Fuel Podcast

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

Launched in 2013 and hosted by the eCommerce entrepreneur Andrew Youderian, the eCommerce Fuel Podcast offers its listeners the most detailed information, related to e-commerce tactics, along with recent news and community stories, to help six and seven-figure business owners reach their objectives. The podcast welcomes top industry experts every Friday to deliver compelling advice on how to research, launch, and grow your eCommerce business. 

  • Podcast: eCommerce Fuel
  • Episodes: Over 340 episodes
  • Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 

Podcast #3 My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast  

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

In this Podcast, Steve Chou hosts entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to start their own successful e-commerce businesses, as a way to live the life they want and still earn great money out of it. Every episode is packed with pragmatic and down-to-earth takeaways, as Steve makes sure to draw out the smallest details and specific approaches that enabled these entrepreneurs to become successful on Amazon and other eCommerce marketplaces.

Podcast #4 The Private Label Movement Podcast

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

Private Label Podcast is an Amazon seller podcast created and hosted by Kevin Rizer, a self-made man, who was previously a corporate worker before becoming a private label Amazon seller. He is basically an expert in this domain and is known for his intriguing and unconventional interview style. The podcast features some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as newbie Amazon sellers, with the goal of bringing into light the secrets and success stories of sellers who began from scratch to eventually create an empire.

Podcast #5 Shopify Masters

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

 Shopify Masters is an eCommerce Podcast powered by Shopify. Experts and successful entrepreneurs are present in the podcast every week, to share their experiences and encouraging accomplishments for growing an online business, discuss various topics related to e-commerce, and eventually offer helpful tips and resources. 

  • Podcast: Shopify Masters
  • Episodes: Over 290 episodes 
  • Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 

Podcast #6 The Niche Pursuits Podcast

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

The Niche Pursuits Podcast, hosted by Spencer Haws, gives its listeners a dose of motivation to move forward with their niche business ideas or take their small online businesses to the next level. It covers topics that speak directly to Amazon Sellers, and go through e-commerce business concepts that actually work. The host also welcomes leading internet entrepreneurs to his show, in which they give invaluable advice on important e-commerce matters. 

Podcast #7 The Amazon Seller Podcast

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

Whether you are a successful Amazon entrepreneur or just getting started on Amazon's highly competitive landscape, the Amazon Seller Podcast is a must-listen-to. The hosts' Andy Slamans and Liran Hirschkorn's primary goal is to help sellers become better private label sellers on Amazon. The topics discussed are very insightful and cover the ins and outs of building a thriving Amazon business. 

Podcast #8 The Rock Your Brand Podcast 

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

The Rock Your Brand Podcast, formerly known as the Amazon Seller Podcast, is one that answers all of your questions on Amazon and more, whether you are an expert or merely a beginner. With more than 800 episodes and 16 million downloads over the past five years, the host Scott Voelker was able to help many listeners create a successful online business and brand on Amazon.  He is also known for sharing ultimate advice and strategies from top business experts he interviews in his podcast and private coaching calls, to offer his students and followers what it takes to thrive on Amazon.

Podcast #9 Amazon FBA Seller Round Table

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

The Amazon FBA Seller Round Table Podcast delivers the best actionable tips, tricks, and tactics for selling anything online. It includes weekly live Q & A and free coaching sessions, and covers a wide range of topics such as Amazon Listing Optimization, Amazon PPC, SEO, marketing, Keyword tracking, sourcing, offsite traffic, product ranking, etc. The hosts of Seller Round Table are Amy, an eCommerce inventor, and veteran, and Andy, a million-dollar FBA seller & Amazon tool provider. 

Podcast #10: DataHawk eCommerce Podcast

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

 The Datahawk eCommerce Podcast is an eCommerce podcast powered by DataHawk, a software company that deals with millions of data points every day and serves some of the biggest names in the industry. This podcast’s ultimate goal is to keep listeners up to date with all the recent Amazon trends and serve as a learning & knowledge sharing hub for established and growing brands & retailers selling on different eCommerce marketplaces, including Amazon. With a great sense of humor from the hosts, dataHawk eCommerce Podcast delivers the best advice, tactics, and tools needed to thrive on the Amazon marketplace. 

Podcast #11 Ecommerce Braintrust

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

The eCommerce Braintrust podcast offers its listeners insightful information about recent trends, innovations, and eCommerce strategies, coming from industry experts & the world’s best brains. The show is hosted by Kiri Masters, a powerful voice in the Amazon world, the Founder & CEO of Bobsled Marketing, and a Forbes retail contributor. 

Podcast #12 The Full-Time FBA Show

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast focuses on helping Amazon sellers grow their Amazon FBA business. The show is hosted by Full-Time FBA’s Rebecca & Stephen Smotherman, and delivers conversations about the best selling Amazon FBA strategies and stories from those who succeeded in making a full-time income with Amazon.

Podcast #13 The Jason & Scot Show

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

The Jason & Scot Show is an e-commerce podcast hosted by Jason Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer at Publicis, and Scot Wingo, Founder of Channel Advisor. They both talk about the most recent e-commerce trends and digital shopper marketing, and provide valuable information on anything related to retail and marketplaces. 

Podcast #14  The Ask Jordan Podcast

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

The ‘Ask Jordan’ Podcast speaks directly to Amazon sellers. It offers fast and applicable recommendations that sellers can utilize to instantly enhance their product sourcing, selling, and seller reputation. The show is hosted by one of the most trusted marketing experts & top-rated Amazon & eBay sellers, Jordan Malik. He is the founder of numerous start-ups that focus on boosting the sales and profits of business owners. 

Podcast #15  The Silent Sales Machine Radio Podcast

Top 15 Best Amazon Seller Podcast

Jim Cockrum, the host of Silent Sales Machine Radio and all-time best-selling author in the world, on the topic of online business success, has managed to build and grow a community of successful entrepreneurs. This podcast taught these documented sellers how to launch thriving online businesses, using intriguing strategies for Amazon, Amazon FBA, eBay, and more, thanks to one of the most trusted names in online marketing. 

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