The Strategic Edge You Need to Win the Amazon Buy Box

Track daily changes for any ASINs' Buy Box winner on Amazon or Walmart. Unveil the winning Buy Box sellers list, the win rate per seller, and price variance, all in an easy-to-grasp view.

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Buy Box Winning Data

A winning strategy requires analyzing historical and contemporary data, which is why our Buy Box Tracker offers multiple Buy Box-related metrics.

  • Track changes in Buy Box number of sellers

  • Monitor Buy Box win rates per seller

  • Measure Buy Box pricing trends

  • Assess Buy Box competition

  • Set up Alerts for lost buy box

All the Buy Box Metrics You Need

Leverage Buy Box metrics to go from a prospective Buy Box candidate to a likely Buy Box winner.

Number of Sellers

Track the number of sellers competing for and winning the Buy Box to pinpoint who they are and keep a close eye on their moves.

Price Variance

Track the evolution of the price variance for any product to determine the difference between the expected cost and actual cost.

Buy Box Owner

Track the current Buy Box owner and previous owners to get to know the prices and techniques they used to win the Buy Box.

Win Rate

Track and identify the Buy Box win rate per seller over a select period of time to see which pricing strategies might work best for you.

DataHawk Buy Box Tracker for Amazon FAQ

Why monitoring the Buy Box is key for my Amazon business?

Put it simply, winning the Buy Box means winning the sale. Knowing if you are the Buy Box winner, therefore, is crucial to understand your performance and sales.

What are the benefits from using the Buy Box Tracker?

Using the Buy Box Tracker will help you increase your probability of winning the Buy Box as our insights will help you adjusting your product’s prices, understand your competition dynamics and spot unauthorized sellers (Hijackers) as well as counterfeit products.

Is it possible to be notified on Buy Box changes?

Absolutely! With DataHawk Alerting tool, you can create alerts on any Buy Box on Amazon, and get notified on any changes. Read this Help Article to familiarize yourself with the tool.

Do I need to connect my Seller Account to create Buy Box alerts?

No! You don’t need to connect your Seller Account to create alerts, and you don’t even need it to do it to get started on DataHawk. Just create your account and you’ll get 14 days of free trial with 50 keywords and 50 ASINs to track!

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A platform designed for professionals to manage their Amazon business.

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A must-have solution to optimize & track your products on Amazon.

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The key formula required for your listings to succeed on Amazon.

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