Amazon Best Seller Analysis: Patio Furniture & Accessories

The analysis creates a leaderboard of brands with products that spent the most time in the Best Sellers list for the given time period through a KPI we call the Presence Rate, the higher it is, the better.

1. Category Overview

At DataHawk we have analyzed over 1303 unique products from 420 brands. The top-performing brand being "Best Choice Products" with 61 best selling products. The average price for the best sellers in the category is $63. With an average product rating count of 2051, the best sellers average product ratings for the category were found to be ☆4.5.

#1 Brand,  Best Choice Product has 61 best selling products that spent a total of 1910 days in Best Selling Category. 

Competing strongly on the basis of their brand presence, it is followed by Classic Accessories. ABCCanopy and Amazon Basics are competing next with positions 3 and 4, having 41 & 37 best selling products in one year on Amazon US.

Let us now analyze the category on different parameters.

2. Market Dynamics Overview

Here is some key Data on Products that spent the most time in the Top 100.

We have analyzed here the average, median, top and low quartile, and min and max of the price, star ratings, and ratings of the top 100 products that entered the BSR Top 100 in the category Patio Furniture & Accessories on Amazon - the US.

Out of the top 100 products in the category, 75% of the products are on average priced at $81.5 with average star ratings of 4.7. The maximum price quoted in this category in the top 100 is $230 and the maximum star ratings are 4.9. 

It can be inferred that the competition in this category is super high especially on the basis of price. A product with good ratings and in the top quartile price range could make it to the top 100 for sure.

3. Brand Performance

Brands that had the longest presence in the Top 100 BSR with at least one product.

The presence rate is an indicator that measures the time spent by one or more products of a brand in the Top 100 of a given category. It is calculated as follows: Presence rate = Days spent in the Best 10 * / 365 X 100 

It is a highly competitive niche as the majority of products on the list have captured the shelf for 100% time of the year.  “Best Choice Products”, “Classic Accessories”, “ABCCanopy” and “Amazon Basics” made it to the list as the top three brands in the category with 61, 36and 60 products with the highest best-seller days in top 100. “Best Choice Products” is topping the charts with products by presence rate of 100%, a total of 1910 days of presence, significant. Its top-performing product is: LED Lighted Patio Umbrella

“Classic Accessories” has made it to the 2nd spot with 36 best selling products, for 1571 days of the year and “Patio Lounge Chair Cover” being its top-performing product. Third on the list is ABCCanopy”, 60 bestselling products, and a total presence of 1567 days, “Bag Leg Weights for Pop up Canopy Tent” is the most popular product out of the lot.

It is very interesting to note that all these products in the top 30 BRANDS List have been present throughout the year. It is rather striking that the brands “Bluemake”, “OYOCO”, “GCI Outdoor”, “Y-Stop" & “SUNNY GUARD”,  with 3, 4 & 5 products max. are grouped in this category with brands like Best Choice Products & ABCCANOPY with 60 & 61 products.

The Brands Leaderboard gives us a clear idea of the most popular Patio Furniture & Accessories subcategories, these are, table covers, outdoor chairs, umbrella stands and base, sofa covers, etc.  Also, the increasing demand for patio heating products in commercial and residential spaces has played an instrumental role in driving the growth of the market.  Consumers are definitely getting the feel for online ordering and delivery and gaining the confidence to buying furniture by looking at their specifications, review & ratings.

Amazon’s basic is a part of the Top 30 brands in the category. With very high competition in the niche, all these key players cater to everything in patio furniture and accessories.  In fact, the global market value of furniture was estimated to be worth 509.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 and was forecast to reach about 650.7 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. The United States is the largest furniture market in the world. (Statista)

Here’s a leaderboard to take a deeper look into the brands that spent the most time in the Best 100 Patio Furniture & Accessories Category.

4. Top 30 Brands Leaderboard

It is found that 26 brands have had a presence rate of 100%. 

The type of product that is dominating the category is chair cover. We can see that more than 10 brands ranking in the top 30 leaderboards are ranking for furniture cover. It is followed by chairs and umbrellas and umbrella accessories. It is interesting to see that OYOCO with only 3 products and having the lowest average price, 12$,  has made its space in the top 30 brands in a category with an average price 80$ 

BlueMake is another brand in a similar price range with an average price of $13 and only 3 products as best sellers. The competition between the two is tough. However, OYOCO has 5times more the number of ratings, which is probably making it the winner between the two. Vivere has the highest average selling price, $201. It is also dominating the category in terms of the number of ratings, 101,454. We also found that the total number of ratings for the top 30 brands is 765,501  and the total ratings for the rest of the brands in the category, 390 brands are 485,779.

5. Top 30 Products Leaderboard

We did a more granular analysis of the best products that spent the most time in the Best 100 Patio Furniture & Accessories Category.

The top 30 best selling products come from 25 brands in this category. The rest of the 1968 products have had the average Best Sales Rank of 48. The top 5 brands being ULTCOVER, GCI Outdoor, DC America, Vailge & Sunnyglade. 

It is surprising that DC America’s Umbrella Base is in the third position in the best selling products list, but it did not make it to the top 30 brands list. Among the top 5 here, Vailge ranked #6 is the only top 10 best selling brand that has a product in the TOP 30 best selling products list

8 out of 30 products have had #1 Bestseller Rank. The average best seller rank for the top 30 products in the category is 7. 60% of the products on the list are ranked below the average category rank. The Top 30 best selling products list is majorly dominated by products with an average price of around 60$. The average selling price of the list is $60. It is interesting to see that the highest priced product, Vivere’s  Hammock has the highest number of ratings too.

6. Top 4 Best Performing Products

This section is all about top 4 products dominating the Best Seller Ranking:

The big winner of the year is $43.99 “ULTCOVER’s table cover.” This has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. (Voted to be the best in the category). Next on the list is  Portable Folding Rocking Chair, by GCI Outdoor which has had a presence of 92.9% which is 336 days in a year. 

The $45.99 “Cast Stone Umbrella Base is ranked 3rd on the list with the presence rate of 91.5% of the year.

It is very interesting that the 2 products out of the top 4 on the list are both “waterproof covers”.

Other than the furniture covers, increasing demand for patio heating products in commercial and residential spaces has been instrumental in driving the growth of the market. 

To make the most of the opportunities, market vendors should focus more on the growth prospects in the fast-growing segments, while maintaining their positions in the slow-growing segments.

7. Brand Presence Rate by Product (Top 30) & their ASP

How the Top 30 brands in the Patio, Lawn & Garden > Patio Furniture & Accessories Category have been competing over the past year on Amazon - United States

Presence Rate: Time spent by one or more products of a brand in the Top 100 of a given category over the last year.

ASP Average: Average of one or more products’ Average Selling Price of a brand present in the Top 100 over the last year.

In this part of our research article, we have presented the performance of best ASINs of brands in terms of their ASP with respect to the Presence Rate.

Very interesting to see that all the brands listed on the top 30 list are competing on the basis of their ASP.

The brand with the highest ASP is Vivere, priced at $201 on an average. It is followed by Homall priced at $183. These two brands seem to compete very closely with each other in terms of share of voice, but it is significant that Vivere is on the top in this analysis having 10 products in top 30 BRANDS competing against Best Choice Products with 61 products, Ranked 1 in the same list.

The average ASP of this category is $80. With the comparisons made on the basis of the Presence Rate, it is evident that the category “Patio Furniture & Accessories” has extremely high competition on Amazon and for that matter other platforms too.

With this analysis, we are able to determine, which brands are in the closest competition to each other, for example, Amazon Basics, GCI Outdoor, Sunny Glade & Y-STOP in this category are competing strongly with each other.

With the comparisons made on the basis of the Presence Rate, we also see that Classic Accessories and ABCCanopy are close competitors but they have a huge difference in price. We also monitored that Crest with its 7 products is sharing the same presence rate with Philips which has maintained its presence with only two products. 

8. Brand Presence Rate by Product (Top 30) & their Best Avg. Sales Rank

How the Top 100 brands in the Patio, Lawn & Garden > Patio Furniture & Accessories Category have been competing over the past year on Amazon - United States

Your position here is an indication of your brand's identity and also your product rankings. The most important is to have a higher position than that of your nearest competitor. You can use our Amazon Best Seller Ranking Tool to unveil the top metrics of the Top 100 products in any category or sub-node.

"Best Choice Products" has the top position, followed by Classic Accessories and ABCCanopy.

The Best Seller Analysis shows how difficult it is for brands to be on the top in the category “Patio Furniture & Accessories” where brands have up to 61 products dominating the category throughout the year.   

In our study, we looked at the most expensive product, the cheapest one, the product with the highest rating, and the one that had received the fewer reviews but still made it to the top 30.

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