How to Increase Profits for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when eCommerce bargain hunting begins. It's an important retail day because consumers can search for the most fantastic deals without worrying about breaking their budget. The holiday shopping season starts with eye-catching promotional offers on Black Friday that entice shoppers to part with their money. 

As an Amazon seller, you should be looking for ways to get the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well! This article will explain how to take advantage of these sales days to increase your company's sales on Amazon. Let's begin!

Marketing Strategies Black Friday Cyber Monday

1. Where did Black Friday get its Name?

Black Friday gets its name because it's the time of year to have a "black" start for holiday shopping. During this busy period, retailers traditionally move from being 'in the red' on their accounting books (i.e., losing money) into the black (into profitability) as they close out their books at month-end and prepare themselves for all that comes with Christmas sales.

Because Black Friday kicks off the most profitable days of the Q4 holiday season, Amazon sellers need to participate in the sales activities. Shoppers are more likely to buy seasonal products between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you need to prepare with a Black Friday and Cyber Monday plan of action.

Why You Need to Tailor Your Strategy for Black Friday

Cyber Monday is crucial for Amazon retailers because it's a perfect time to significantly increase your company's holiday sales. One of the most effective ways to do this is with a Cyber Monday campaign. However, you must be ready in advance. Otherwise, you'll miss out on providing customers with the best deals, and your competitors will get ahead of you.

It's also essential because Cyber Monday and Black Friday Amazon require lots of planning. You must plan and prepare for Cyber Monday to make it a success. It is essential to know what kind of Cyber Monday campaigns work well because creating promotional content takes time to sell products or prepare other campaign materials.

There are several Black Friday Amazon strategies, but essentially it starts with planning. By thinking ahead about the following:

  • how much money you can spend on ads (start small if this is new)
  • locating popular keywords (focus mainly on conversions)
  • creating brand landing pages

Combing these three strategies will guarantee more success on Amazon even after Black Friday is over.

Black Friday is one of the most profitable days for retailers, so it's no surprise that Amazon sellers try to get involved. For many, this means offering discounted prices on their products both online and offline. Soon, we'll discuss Black Friday Cyber Monday tips to help you improve your profitability. For now, it's vital to understand that marketing your business during these two sale events can help increase sales and give your brand more exposure than you've ever imagined!

You may want to consider special discounts, free shipping offers, or other promotional bundles that will entice shoppers into buying from you instead of competitors who also offer deals at reduced prices over this holiday weekend. With these basic techniques in mind, let's cover the basics of these retail days before covering Black Friday Cyber Monday tips for eCommerce sellers.

2. When is Black Friday Amazon & Cyber Monday 2021?

Dates for Cyber Monday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving. In 2021, those are the following dates:

  • Black Friday Amazon in 2021: Friday, November 26th
  • Cyber Monday: Monday, November 29th

However, Black Friday is on November 26th doesn't mean that the Black Friday Amazon sales start then! Amazon began Black Friday sales much earlier this year because of shortages on everything from smartphones to toys. For this reason, eCommerce sellers should start sales early since postal services are expecting delivery delays, and there might be logistic issues to overcome. Some deals even began before Halloween and will continue from there.

Additionally, Cyber Monday historically hasn't only occurred on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Some online retailers have Cyber Week, which is the whole week following Thanksgiving week. In addition, Cyber Week (or late Black Friday) sales often extend throughout the weekend following Thanksgiving. 

When is the pre-Black Friday Sale?

Typically, pre-Black Friday on Amazon begins around Halloween. During this time, Amazon customers search for great deals before Black Friday. And just because Black Friday has a name that suggests it's the most profitable retail day for Amazon and other retailers, the truth is that there are significant sales days before (and after) Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Supply Chain Problems and Black Friday on Amazon

With global product shortages and logistic problems due to manufacturers not ramping up production due to the pandemic, retailers need to stock up for a busy holiday shopping season on Amazon. Shopping in-store, although still popular due to Covid-measures is still popular, there won't be as much traffic as there was pre-2019.

For this reason, Amazon sellers must ensure they're well-stocked before Black Friday. Being well-stocked means creating a list of items you'll want to buy and how much they're worth, as well as making sure that the shipping and logistics department has enough employees and time before Black Friday hits!

Is there a deadline for submitting Black Friday Amazon Lightning Deals?

There's a program you should know about for sellers selling on Amazon for their first holiday season. There's a holiday-exclusive program that sellers can join, known as Lightning Deals. 

Cyber Week Lightning Deals add time pressure to popular product sales, motivating people to buy these products and highlighting when these gifts sell out. As an Amazon Seller, you can add your products as a Lightning Deal for a limited time. This placement is efficient since they're apparent promotions. 

Yet sellers must prepare ahead of time if they want their listings to appear as Lightning Deals. Even if you submit your products for Lightning Deal consideration, it's the products with the best sales, price, and availability that receive acceptance into the program. For this reason, sellers should know their best-selling items, maintain inventory requirements, and promote only their top products for Lightning Deal consideration.

3. Why Black Friday / Cyber Monday is a big deal

Why is Black Friday a big deal on Amazon?

Amazon has a long and illustrious history, and its revenue is constantly increasing. It's undoubtedly one of the most successful e-commerce companies in history. One of the most critical sales events for Amazon, and thus for Amazon sellers, begins on Black Friday.

Amazon is usually growing every year. This year, they are doing even better than last year’s Black Friday sales. They have sold much more than they did in Q3 this time last year. This fact is considerable since Amazon broke records during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. For Amazon vendors and sellers, this is an excellent reason to prepare for a flood of sales through Black Friday and Cyber Weekend on Amazon.

Almost half of US consumers start their product search on Amazon

All the signs we see tell us that we will have a record-breaking Amazon spending season. Most people are planning to buy things online for this holiday. As nearly 50% of all shoppers start their search for products on Amazon, there are many opportunities for sellers to benefit from high marketplace sales. is an excellent place for consumers to start their holiday shopping because it is easy to locate a variety of exceptional products. As an eCommerce marketplace, Amazon provides a space for shoppers to compare prices and read online reviews for their desired items.

Customer experience is significant for sellers, too, making it a great location to sell items. People with businesses and products to sell can set up an account and use Amazon's product listing capabilities, including detailed descriptions and images. All this comes without handling payment processing, customer service, marketing products, or storing products in a warehouse by relying on Amazon and other service providers if a business owner chooses.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday start the busy holiday retail season

Did you know that Amazon collected nearly 25% of its ad revenue over the Black Friday weekend? Ad spend increases occur because advertisers understand the importance of promoting their items for this retail holiday. Increased ad spend even starts around Halloween and lasts nearly until Christmas. During this time, Amazon customers are more likely to search for deals on their smartphones.

So many people are searching online during Black Friday weekend that it's nearly impossible to keep up with the demand. It can be considered one of the most important shopping days in history and will continue growing as we approach Cyber Monday 2021.

Amazon has a lot going on during these two retail holidays: lightning deals, "countdown" style sales every hour leading right up until midnight (on Black Friday), and much more! Because there are new sales opportunities during this time, it's essential to know about all your options. That way, you don't miss out on any revenue opportunities like exceptional product exposure or increased ad spend due to high consumer interest related to upcoming holiday events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Retailers that prepare for Black Friday on Amazon make more pre-Christmas sales

Soon, we're going to discuss specific Black Friday Cyber Monday tips for increasing your sales. But, before we get into the specifics, it's crucial to know the importance of preparation for Black Friday Amazon. Those who prepare their brand, product listings, advertising, and logistics will earn more revenue. However, it involves several steps that aren't easy to complete at the last minute. 

Getting prepared for Black Friday and the busy Q4 season includes:

Activating Black Friday Deals

You need to make sure your Amazon store is ready to offer Promotional Discounts. If you don't, then missing out on the biggest shopping day of the year will be a disaster for your company's financial situation and brand recognition. Decide how much margin (profit) you're willing to sacrifice in exchange for customer loyalty and unit sales volume by offering discounts that are too good to pass up. To figure this out, look at Amazon sales trends data.

Optimizing Product Listings

Make sure your products have accurate titles, descriptions, images, and videos so customers can easily find what they want during this busy season without having to search around or go elsewhere online. It helps if these product listings appear at the top of SERPs when shoppers add specific keywords to their searches.

Advertising Your Deals

Advertising your deals on Amazon for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It would help if you got the word out about your Black Friday deals on Amazon. Post ads and offers that highlight product discounts for shoppers searching in relevant categories, like "Electronics & Accessories" or whatever sorting group is most popular with online consumers during this time of year.

Preparing Shipping Promotions

Use promotional shipping practices (e.g., free shipping) to drive more sales from customers looking for bargains but don't want to pay high prices at checkout due to exorbitant fees associated with having items shipped quickly (i.e., overnight, two days). If you can offer a deal where fulfillment costs are less than what they would have paid elsewhere - then it's worth considering.

Launching a Countdown Deal

A countdown deal is an effective Black Friday and Cyber Monday technique that encourages customers to purchase items before the price increases at a specific time or date. You can also run this type of sale for any other promotional period, like Christmas in July (generally during mid-to-late June). This type of promotion has grown increasingly popular over recent years, with sellers looking to maximize their advertising options.

When it comes to Cyber Monday deals on Amazon, you need to think outside the box when defining your promotions strategy. That's because all days are now essential shopping dates for consumers who expect great offers year-round from major brands, they frequently buy products from regularly! With that in mind, let's get into the specifics about how to maximize your profit on Black Friday / Cyber Monday for Amazon.

4. Marketing & Advertising Strategy DO's and DON'Ts

Now that you understand the importance of preparing for Amazon's Black Friday and Cyber Monday events let's discuss marketing strategies. Here's what sellers should focus on if they want to have a successful holiday season on Amazon.

Do increase your ad budget

Because consumers increase their purchases around the holidays, creating ads is incredibly competitive on Amazon. For this reason, you must increase your ad budget and scale up advertising on your brand's most profitable products. The key is to find the right balance between sales and ad spending, so you don't overspend.

Do optimize your bids - especially during critical phases

As a Black Friday Amazon Seller, it's simple to forget everything you should focus on while preparing for the significant retail holidays. However, optimizing your bids, especially for your brand's most popular search terms, is something you cannot forget. Optimizing your Amazon PPC bids includes bidding more for the specific keywords you know drive sales and taking advantage of Amazon's automatic bidding feature to save time.

Don't neglect the other days of the holiday season

You can also boost your profits by selling on other shopping holidays like "Small Business Saturday" (November 24th). Still, it's essential not to ignore Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Eve - because these are significant retail events for consumers. It might be a better idea to focus more heavily on another day after Cyber Week, as influential brands might steal all the consumer attention during this time.

Don't promote poor converting products

As an Amazon advertiser, it's common to have some successful products and some that have more trouble generating ad revenue. If you find yourself spending lots of money on ads for specific products that aren't converting, don't scale up the ad budget over the holidays. Instead, focus on the products that convert well. This technique will help you succeed selling seasonal products.

Don't ignore shipping costs during the holiday season

Shipping costs and shipping times are significant to consumers over the holiday season. Therefore, you should set exceptional holiday shipping policies that set your products apart from the competition. To win more sales on Amazon over the holidays using a shipping strategy, you can offer free shipping, expedited shipping, or use Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service.

Don't ignore product reviews over the holiday season 

As a Black Friday Amazon Seller, it's crucial to pay close attention to your products' customer reviews during the busy shopping periods in November and December. Negative reviews are part of being an online seller, but you can win more sales on Amazon with exceptional feedback from customers who have already purchased your brand's products! 

You should reward loyal customers who give positive reviews when they purchase items throughout this period because they will likely be repeat buyers come next year. Moreover, negative comments about specific aspects like packaging or delivery may need improvement before launching a Black Friday sale. You'll want to focus on these adjustments throughout the year so that your products have exceptional reviews in time for Black Friday Amazon.

5. Cyber Monday and Black Friday Marketing examples

Some of Amazon's best Cyber Monday campaigns happen off the platform. Here are some Cyber Monday advertising ideas for your business. (Do you already have sales data and trends from the previous year’s sales? If so, use those to build more effective ads!)

Promote on deal sites

When there's a great deal on Amazon, some websites make it headline news! If you're running a special promotion on some of your products, create an ad and see if these deal sites will feature your items.

Promote on forums and subreddits

There are hundreds of popular online communities where you can promote your Cyber Monday deals! You'll want to put together an ad that looks great and shows customers why they should buy from you. Once the ads go live, please share them with people who participate in these groups daily, so they know to check back later for Black Friday sales.

Use social media to showcase deals

Using social media to promote Black Friday deals

These Black Friday marketing examples show the importance of social media for holiday promotions. Post your brand's best deals on Twitter and Facebook to get the word out about your excellent Black Friday deals.

Also, don't forget about sites like Instagram and Snapchat when planning Cyber Monday campaigns! You can post images of the best Cyber Monday campaigns and offers or create behind-the-scenes videos that will generate excitement for holiday shopping in your Amazon store. 

Use email marketing to promote Black Friday deals

If you have an email list, use it! Using your list is one of the easiest and best Cyber Monday advertising ideas since it’s affordable. The day after Thanksgiving is a great time to send out emails that feature your most notable Black Friday deals. You can direct the customers directly to the items on Amazon and even ask for customers to leave honest reviews for the holiday season.

6. Conclusion

Black Friday is an important day for online shoppers in the United States, as it's a chance to find fantastic deals without breaking their budget. This article provides Black Friday marketing ideas to increase your company's sales on Amazon during the holiday shopping season. 

Whether you're running an ad campaign off Amazon or using social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat, these tips should help you get started thinking about how you can leverage technology to win more customers over this busy period. 

The goal with all our strategies is simple: provide exceptional customer service by understanding what matters most to them – from shipping policies to product reviews – so they'll come back again next year! Try them out and see which Black Friday Amazon strategies work for you.

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