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Amazon Sponsored Products: Bidding on Competitors ASINs with DataHawk

What is Product Targeting?

Product targeting is a specialization of sponsored ads. In November 2018, Amazon had launched this feature, which allows PPC advertisers to place their ads on specific products and services. With this extension to Product Display Ads, sellers can create ad campaigns targeting specific products, categories, and brands to display ads. The campaigns could further be filtered by attributes like price range and star ratings. This enables you to boost your visibility by placing your products in the same space as that of your top-selling rivals, and more importantly, this gives you a part of their market share.

Steps to set up Product Targeting Campaigns: 

  1. Click on "Create Campaign" from the "campaign manager", once you are logged in to your Seller Central account.
  2. Choose "sponsored products" and click on continue.  
  3. Set your campaign budget and its start and end dates to get started.
  4. You must select "manual targeting" as it will allow you to target specific ASINs or categories, which "auto-targeting" mode wouldn't.
  5. Create group names and choose product targeting options. You could either choose to target individual ASINs or specific categories.
  6. Time to place your bids. 

This ad type could increase your traffic significantly. By placing your ads on product pages of similar categories, you can help you attract shoppers that are looking for products in a similar category. 

To learn more about Ads check out our detailed guides on Product Display Ads, Sponsored Products & Keyword Bidding Strategies

Before you start bidding, DataHawk can be your best guide to identify where to bid to make the most of your targeting ads campaigns.

Parameters to Help with Identifying Competitors Products to Bid on

  1. Category Analysis:  Amazon enables you to target the entire category. To bid on specific categories or products, identifying them accurately is important. DataHawk's Sales Rank Tracker helps you identify the browse nodes or categories a product is active in. 
  2. Popularity & Traffic Performance:  The organic ranks and BSRs of a product reflect its popularity and thus is a driving factor for its traffic performance. In markets where you want to fight for a greater market share, targeting competitor products with high traffic to swipe their sales in your quota could be made by using DataHawk's BSR Tracker and Organic Rank Tracker. This would not only affect your competitor's sales numbers and efficiency but will also increase your sales velocity and give you great sales history for your product.
  3. Price: When a customer visits a product page and realizes that there is a better product with a better pricing option, they would prefer the later mostly. It is very similar to driving traffic away from your under-performing rivals. You can thus identify your competitors falling on a similar price scale and bid on their products to use their traffic and increase your sales.
  4. Star ratings and Rating Count:  Analyse the star rating and ratings count for the products ranking organically or falling in the BSR category. You need to consider the amount of traffic a listing is getting before adding it to an ASIN targeting campaign. 
  5. Listing Quality: Is the content in your listing and quality of your photos looking more attractive than your competitor? You need to track your competitors' listings.  

With the platform, you will be able to filter the ASINs and categories you want to track and target by looking at its past performance in terms of orders, reviews, Best Sellers Rank, and price. The data-driven analysis of the market and competition with DataHawk's Amazon PPC Software will enable you to make smart decisions regarding your Product Targeting Ads.

Top Use Cases for you to bid on your competitors ASINs with DataHawk:

1. Identifying and targeting a relevant Category

Amazon enables you to target the entire category. In order to bid on specific categories or products, identifying them accurately is important. DataHawk's Sales Rank Tracker helps you identify the browse nodes or categories a product is active in. 

Steps to use Sales Rank Tracker:

  • Once you are logged in to the platform, you need to create projects and add the desired products and keywords to it. 
  • Clicking on a product from the tracked product list will take you to a product detail page where you have all the important KPIs and tools.
  • Simply click on the Sales Rank Tracker tab once you are inside a Product. 
DataHawk Sales Rank Tracker

Amazon Sales Ranking Tracker thus gives you detailed information on the selected product's Sales Rank over the selected time range across the different categories where Amazon prominently displays it. For instance, here, we have tracked "Intel Core i7-9700K Desktop Processor," which is active in three subcategories inside the "Computer & Accessories department", namely, CPU Processor, Internal Components & Computer Components. 

Also, DataHawk Sales Rank Browser enables you to focus on up to 6 level subcategories.

DataHawk Sales Rank Tracker

(You could also identify ASINs for which you bid frequently, but they do not convert. With category ads you can add negative ASIN help which could help mitigate inefficient ad spend.)

2. Identifying and targeting the top-ranked ASINs

Targeting products that have higher-ranked product drive more traffic to your product detail page and can potentially increase your sales. The Sales Rank Tracker tool allows you to Visualize historical sales rank data in up to 5 categories.

You can simply look at the table and see how a product is ranked in the given categories or subcategories at the same time. The sales rank and average sales rank gives a clear idea on which category you want to bid for and do a deeper analysis on to find the right ASINs.

DataHawk Sales Rank Tracker

You can click on the categories here to go to the BSR Browser, which will pull in the information of the top 100 ranking ASINs in that category. This will enable you to analyze your top competition in any category or subcategory and place your Target Ads on their pages to drive in more traffic and sales.

For instance, in the example above, "CPU Processors," which is a subcategory of Computers & Accessories. DataHawk's Best Seller Rank Tracker thus gives you a list of top 100 products in the category you are looking to bid.

DataHawk BSR Tracker

Using Category campaigns is more advisable in cases where you have a better offer than your competitors. Category targeting campaigns could also be used as a method of "farming" new ASINs to target in your specific product targeting campaigns.

3. Identifying and Targeting Higher-Priced Products

You can target ASINs by searching the main keywords for your product, analyze the search results, and hand-pick products to bid, where you have a better chance to win. You could do that by looking for higher-priced products. Taking a keyword approach to identify which products are ranking organically high for the keywords you are using with DataHawk will enable you to target ASINs that are ranking well and are priced high. 

You can simply go to the Keyword section and select your desired keyword from the tracked keyword list.

This will take you to the Keyword detail section which will give you a list of all the products that are ranking organically for the selected keyword.

DataHawk Organic Rank Tracker

Once you have the list you can apply filters on the price column and track the higher-priced ASINs. For instance, we have tracked the Keyword “Wireless Charger”. It was found that “Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case” is the highest priced for this Keyword. 

DataHawk Organic Rank Tracker
DataHawk Organic Rank Tracker

However, it could be a very tough competition to aim for. 

We also found “Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand 10W –Wireless Charger” which was positioned 15 on page 1 is priced decently high. This could be a product that you would want to target with comparatively lower pricing and decent ratings and reviews of course. 

4. Identifying and Targeting Lower-Rated products

Leverage the Organic Rank Tracker to identify lower-rated products. From the list of organically ranking products for your chosen keyword, simply apply the filters on the star rating column by clicking on it once.

DataHawk Organic Rank Tracker

You have the list of products arranged in ascending order of their ratings. As soon as you identify these products you can start bidding on them, given your product ratings are better than them.

Tip: While assessing the ratings you can also observe the ranks given on the left of the product names in the Organic Rank Tracker will give you the information on the page and position of respective ASINs. You could use this to identify the products ranking on better pages and target them.

5. Identifying and Targeting Products with Weak Social Proof

You should also look into targeting products with less number of reviews. If they are similar to your product and have a parallel price range it is not a bad idea to capitalize on them by beating them on reviews. 

You can identify them using the Organic Rank Tracker. Follow the same steps to get the organic products list as above and simply click on the reviews column heading. This will instantly give you a list arranged in ascending order of the number of reviews. You can then elect to choose out of these considering the other factors too, like, pricing, star rating, page position, and rank. You can also use our Amazon Review Software to track your listing's reviews on a daily basis

DataHawk Organic Rank Tracker

The aim is to pool as many competing ASINs where customers are more likely to shop your product. If you have a competent price, higher reviews, a better star rating, or some combination of these, customers are likely to buy your product over the ASINs you advertise on.

It is important to consider the amount of traffic a listing is getting before adding it to an ASIN targeting campaign. You could also use Amazon product analysis to understand traffic related to each ASIN in your campaign. More sales mean more sessions. If you are bidding on products that are getting more sales, your ads will likely deliver more frequently than on products that get fewer sales or are ranked lower in the organic search results.

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