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DataHawk BSR Study Toys and Games

So, let's focus today on one of the top profitable categories on Amazon: Toys and Games. With 940,100 products from 36,300 brands and counting, it is considered one of the most profitable categories for Amazon top brands and Amazon top sellers. We focus on the top-selling products for a period of one year starting from 13/01/2019 to 13/01/2020.

1.Brands dominating the Best Seller Ranking

In this first part, we look at the best selling products that dominated the BSR on Amazon. To do so, we looked at the brands that had the longest presence in the Amazon Best Seller Rank with at least one product that entered the top 10.

We conducted Amazon Product Research on DataHawk and came up with an indicator that would represent this: the Presence Rate. This indicator measures the time spent by one or more products of a brand in the top 10 of a given category. We calculate it this way:

DataHawk BSR Study Toys and Games

1. Brands that had the longest presence in the top 10 BSR with at least one product

DataHawk BSR Study Toys and Games

10 brands are represented here from the Toys & Games category on Amazon, including,  Hasbro, MGA entertainment, LEGO, Cards Against Humanity, Hallmark Cards, WHAT DO YOU MEME?, Mattel, Aqua, Intex & Czech Games.

The first thing that can be inferred from the above chart is that Hasbro and MGA Entertainment are leading the line by 100% presence rate which means one or more products of these two brands have been in the top 10 in the category “Toys and Games” on Amazon for the whole year. 

These brands are evidently dominating the market space, with Hasbro having 18 products that entered the “Toys and Games” category for a full year, followed by MGA Entertainment with 13 products.

Something very interesting to note is that Lego had 12 products for 43% of the year 2019 where Cards Against Humanity conquered the 4th place with only 1 product!

In addition to the movie-themed toys and games, there are educational and generic games as well. In order to guide the customers better Amazon publishes an annual Holiday Toy List. In order to be featured on this list, brands compete on hefty amounts that they pay to Amazon to acquire the slots on this list. With this, the customers are more likely to buy from this list. As a seller, you can use this list to analyze the types of toys and games that appeal to kids and their families. 

It is very interesting that, although technology has changed how kids spend leisure hours, it hasn’t really affected the overall demand for these toys. For example, LOL Surprise! Dolls have been one of the top-selling toys (3rd spot according to NRF Retail) since they were first introduced three years ago to the US market.

2. Brands with the most products in the top 10 products:

DataHawk BSR Study Toys and Games

This section is all about products dominating the Best Seller Ranking.

Hasbro, as seen above, is controlling the ranking with 18 products in the top 10 with Jenga being the most popular one. They are followed by MGA Entertainment’s  LOL Surprise! Dolls, which are a huge success on Amazon. 

The LOL Surprise! Dolls generated over $4 billion in sales in the year 2019, an Amazon bestseller for basically the entire year.  

Lego, with its 5 products, is the next on the list with Lego Disney that is topping the charts. 

With more and more series and movies coming up, this industry has a huge scope in terms of ideas and inspirations to leverage this opportunity. For example, Hasbro, Lego, and Mattel. Read what the top players have to say on this:

“We’ll continue to see a proliferation of licensing in the toy industry based on the content kids are watching,” said Juli Lennett, vice president for toys at the research firm NPD Group.

2. Products dominating the Best Sellers Ranking

Products that have been in the top 10 the longest in the “Toys & Games” category on Amazon during the period 15/01/19 to 15/01/20.

DataHawk BSR Study Toys and Games

The big winner of the year is Jenga by Hasbro. The competition for the keyword “games” is fierce. Using our very own DataHawk Amazon Keyword Tracker tool, we have derived the monthly search volume for this keyword, which is 1,830,000. At DataHawk we give it a competition score of 12%, which is an extremely tough competition. As per the chart, Jenga has led the other products by being on rank 1 for 60% time of the year. 

DataHawk BSR Study Toys and Games
DataHawk BSR Study Toys and Games

The second on the list is “Connect 4” coming from the same company Hasbro Gaming at the price of $12.63, sold by Amazon, and a rating of 4.8 out of 5. This product has been present for 127 days in the top 10.

The 3rd spot is acquired by Cards Against Humanity, costing $25.00 with 42,736 reviews and has been present 127 days in the top 10 (38% of the year).

3. Most sponsored products

Most sponsored products on keywords “Toys” and “Games” on Amazon US during the period 15/01/19 to 15/01/20.

Thanks to the DataHawk Sponsored Tracker tool, we ranked the most sponsored products for any keyword for a given period. We picked the keywords "Toys" and "Games" 2 broad categories that will give us the ability to explore new horizons. We found 1124 products that have been sponsored for "Toys" and 1013 for "Games" on Amazon US in 2019. 

Here, we have the “ most sponsored products for the keyword “Toys” 

DataHawk BSR Study Toys and Games

The best-sponsored product for the keyword "Toys" is, the Friends Heartlake City Resort by Lego, sponsored for 201 days (55% of the year). It is followed by the City Heavy Cargo Transport by Lego again. It is sponsored for 201 days and the Jurassic World Indoraptor, which has also been sponsored for 201 days.

Have a look at the top 3 most sponsored products for “Games":

DataHawk BSR Study Toys and Games

The best-sponsored product for the "Games" search query is the Friends Heartlake City Resort by Lego followed by the other two products, which is City Heavy Cargo Transport by Lego and Jurassic World Indoraptor by Lego. All of them have been sponsored for 201 days which is 55% of the year.


4. Price, ratings and reviews trends

Analysis of the top 10 Best Seller in the category Toys & Games on Amazon US during the period 15/10/19 to 15/01/20

DataHawk BSR Study Toys and Games

The average price for the Top 10 is $ 21.03, the average review is as high as 2483, and the average ratings are around 4.6 out of 5.

The product with the highest price is the NASA Apollo Saturn by Lego at $119.99.

When you look at Cards Against Humanity, the game isn’t especially challenging on a cerebral level but it does test your own knowledge of how well you know your friends you’re playing with. This has made the product very popular. The product has received the highest amount of reviews, that is, 42,736 which is on the 3rd rank in terms of dominating the Best Seller Rank.

Check out our Product Research on Amazon on brands & more studies on different categories & brands.


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