DataHawk Announces the Release of Profit & Loss Metrics Dashboard

Released as a part of DataHawk’s Amazon Analytics Solutions, the Profit & Loss Dashboard, under Amazon Financial Solutions, will help sellers, vendors, and agencies keep track of their financial actions to ensure higher and more consistent profits by presenting them a comprehensive set of metrics computed by Datahawks software.

DataHawk, the leading all-in-one software analytics and optimization tool for eCommerce platforms, has released the Profit & Loss Metric dashboard in a bid to make it easier for enterprises to keep track of all their financial decisions through a fully-pimped-out profit & loss tool including both top-line (revenue) & bottom-line (expenses).

With this product, users can now view detailed information on:

  • Amazon fees (e.g., FBA fee, commissions)
  • PPC spends, return costs, promotion costs, and your fixed costs.
  • The profits and losses can be filtered by time period, account, and marketplace with different currencies.
Profit & Loss Metrics Dashboard

What sets Datahawks P&L Dashboard apart from other software in the market is:

  • Faster first sync,
  • The ability to examine Profit and Loss across multiple accounts, 
  • The ability to sync automatically post connection to a user’s Seller Central and Advertising accounts,
  • The ability to view and analyze data historically blended with a user’s COGS import,
  • The ability to export data to Excel for further analysis

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, making consistent profits is becoming increasingly difficult for brands. By providing a full-fledged Profit and Loss solution, we aim to make it easier for brands to make a data-driven financial decision,” explains Sghir, CEO & co-founder of DataHawk.

This is in addition to an elegant interface with elements placed systematically for a better user experience. A demo version of the tool can be viewed on

About DataHawk

Launched in 2018, DataHawk has built a proprietary technology that collects and processes millions of data points daily. This data is then processed, analyzed, and displayed on intuitive dashboards, helping DataHawk users extract exceptional insights on their business performance, benchmark it against the competition, and access recommendations for further improvement. The company had previously raised $1M in Seed financing in 2019.

DataHawk customers include

  • leading global brands like Ekaterra (the tea division of Unilever)
  • many of the most prominent Amazon brand aggregators like Unybrands, Boosted Commerce, and Olsam
  • multiple leading global agencies like Tinuiti (the largest independent performance marketing firm across the triopoly of Google, Facebook, and Amazon) or GroupM
  • hundreds of emerging direct-to-consumer brands and resellers on Amazon.

The company grew 300% year-over-year, boasts a team of 35 employees, and processes multiple billions in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) from its users and customers.

For more information, visit

Othmane Sghir- CEO & Co-Founder

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