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Monitor ranks, analyze market dynamics, and browse the top 100 selling products on Amazon in over 20,000 categories with the Best Sellers Rank Browser to optimize your sales rank and Amazon Best Seller Rank.

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Analyze Historical BSR Data

Every day, DataHawk collects data, such as product title, price, number of customer ratings, average rating, and sales rank, for the top 100 selling products in every browse node or category on Amazon and Walmart.

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Generate BSR Reports

Own the data you browse on the Best Sellers Rank Browser for Amazon and Walmart by exporting the rankings and historical evolution or generating a Category Best Selling Products Report.

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Best Seller Rank Data to Improve Your Ranking

Monitor BSR Analytics

Track, analyze, and benchmark daily and historical BSR data to determine the best way to reach best selling ranks and optimize sales performance.

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Export BSR Data At Scale

Sync BSR data to your BI tools and leverage pre-built BSR dashboards to analyze the best seller ranks of tracked products across multiple categories.

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Generate BSR Insights

Receive alerts when products you track drop out of the top 10 BSR and get recommendations on how to respond to changes in keyword ranks.

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Why Analyze Amazon Best Seller Ranks?

Amazon Best Seller Rank tracking tools allow sellers to monitor the rank of their products on Amazon.

What is Amazon Best Seller Rank?

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a ranking system that Amazon uses to determine the popularity of a product on its website. The rank is calculated using a combination of factors, including the number of sales, recent sales activity, and historical sales data. Products are ranked based on category and updated hourly to reflect the latest sales data.

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank can be a valuable tool for customers looking to find popular products on Amazon, and it can also be used by sellers to track the success of their products on the site. The higher a product’s BSR, the more popular it is on Amazon.

Why analyze Amazon Best Seller Rank data?

Analyzing Amazon Best Sellers Rank data can be useful for sellers in that it can help sellers understand how well their products are performing on Amazon. The Best Sellers Rank is a good indicator of a product’s popularity on the site, so tracking and analyzing BSR data can help sellers see how their products are doing compared to other products in their category.

Additionally, analyzing Best Sellers Rank data can help sellers understand their competition by showing how their products compare to similar products on the site. This can help sellers to identify opportunities for improving their products and standing out in the market.

What are the benefits of optimizing Amazon Best Seller Rank?

Optimizing a product’s Amazon Best Sellers Rank can help increase a product’s visibility on Amazon, leading to more sales and revenue for the seller. This is because customers often use the Best Sellers Rank to find popular and highly-rated products on the site, so a higher BSR can make a product more likely to be seen by potential customers.

Also, a higher BSR can help improve a product’s search ranking on Amazon, making it easier for customers to find the product when searching for keywords related to the product. This can also help drive more traffic and sales to the product listing, contribute to a positive seller reputation, and help build trust with customers.

What tools can I use to draw insights from Best Seller Rank data?

Best Seller Rank Tools to analyze category dynamics of top sellers to evaluate their performance and pinpoint how to improve your product’s organic rank.

Sales Rank Tracking Tools to examine how your daily sales velocity is correlated with your sales rank by understanding how listing changes influence your ranking.

Sales Rank Alerts to receive alerts when products you track on Amazon drop out of the top 10 BSR or when a product’s BSR reaches a specific value.

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