Measure Your Marketplace Success

With DataHawk’s software capabilities, easily measure your marketplace performance on Amazon and Walmart with the KPIs that matter most for your business by benchmarking competitors to see which product listing changes impact sales for the better.

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What Can You Measure With DataHawk?

DataHawk’s collection of data analytics and seller tools allows you to efficiently gauge your product’s success by measuring both your Amazon or Walmart performance on your competitors’.

Organic Ranking

Measure organic ranking with DataHawk's Keyword Rank Tracking tool for Amazon and Walmart to analyze the up-to-date ranking data you need to determine which keywords drive the most organic traffic.

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Keyword Performance

Measure keyword performance for any keyword with DataHawk’s Keyword Research tool for Amazon and Walmart to identify the most effective search terms and analyze keyword competition scores.

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Competitive Dynamics

Measure the competition with DataHawk's Best Sellers Rank Browser for Amazon and Walmart to know your direct competitors and the overall criteria that constitute a best selling product.

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Product Listing Performance

Measure the performance of your product listings after making any changes with DataHawk’s Listing Optimization tool and see which changes in PDPs impact organic search performance.

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Sales Performance

Measure the sales performance of any product with DataHawk's Best Sellers Rank Browser for Amazon and Walmart to monitor ranks, analyze markets, and browse through the top 100 best selling products.

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Ad Performance

Measure the performance of sponsored ads on Amazon with DataHawk's advertising analytics dashboard and generate reports outlining relevant KPIs to better pilot your advertising campaigns.

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The Flexibility You Need to Measure Your Amazon and Walmart KPIs

Explore how your teams can measure optimization efforts with ready-to-use dashboards.

SEO Analytics

Analyze search terms and the distribution of keyword rankings for any keyword to measure its performance and increase visibility

Product Analytics

Analyze aggregated product data to measure how daily changes in your product’s metrics and listings impact conversions.

Market Analytics

Analyze market dynamics to benchmark your competitors' performance and measure how price and ratings influence organic rank.

Finance and Sales Analytics

Analyze sales performance to measure the financial health of your business via product sales data, financial reports, and product and loss metrics.

Advertising Analytics

Analyze PPC data to measure up-to-date, relevant metrics such as impressions, clicks, sales, and conversions for all your ads.


Connect your drive to export and measure Amazon or Walmart data by analyzing metrics and trends in prebuilt dashboards on Google Sheets.

Reports to Measure Amazon and Walmart Data at Scale

• Share of Voice Report for Amazon

• Share of Voice Report for Walmart

• Category Best Selling Products Report

• Tracked ASINs Keywords Ranks Report

• Sales and Advertising History Report

• Last Seven Days Account Data Report

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Measure Your Amazon and Walmart Performance in 21 Countries

Measure more and stress less with digital shelf analytics from all over the globe.

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