Amazon Best Seller Analysis: Yoga

The analysis creates a leaderboard of brands with products that spent the most time in the Best Sellers list for the given time period through a KPI we call the Presence Rate; the higher it is, the better. Using the DataHawk app and Amazon market intelligence technology, we will analyze and go in-depth to understand why those products are above the fold.

Amazon Best Seller Analysis: Yoga
Amazon Best Seller Analysis: Yoga

Yoga is a famous and widely practiced discipline for its physical and mental health benefits. It dates back to ancient Indian traditions and has massively grown in popularity over recent years. Statistics show that Yoga fanatics are increasing worldwide, and with that, the Yoga clothing market size can’t stop blooming.  

The global Yoga clothing market size was, in fact, worth over  $31 billion in 2018, with the U.S. yoga industry alone estimated to reach $11.6 billion of revenue by 2021. 

Moreover, with the increased number of online yoga classes and trending yoga posts on social media platforms during the recent pandemic, mainly Instagram, Yoga participants can’t cease to grow. In fact, the number of Yoga practitioners, or Yogis in the United States, was over 36.7m in 2016 and is estimated to reach 55 million in 2020

Thanks to DataHawk’s proprietary Amazon seller analytics tools, we’ve analyzed all the brands & products that entered the Top 100 list of this particular category on Amazon by monitoring Best Sellers Amazon charts and looking at who spent the maximum time in it since the 1st of January 2020.

1- Category Overview 

At DataHawk we have analyzed over 723 unique products from 266 brands. The top-performing brand being Gaiamwith 61 best selling products. 

The average price for the best sellers in the category is $21. With an average product rating of 7710, the best sellers’ average product ratings for the category were ☆4.4. #1 Brand,Gaiamhas 61 best selling products that spent a total of 2184 days in Best Selling Category with an average presence rate per product of 9.8%. 

Competing strongly on the basis of their brand presence, “Gaiam” is followed by 90 Degree By Reflex,” “90 Degree By Reflex,” “” “ODODOS,& “Fruit of the Loom competing next, having 40, 66 & 31 best selling products in one year on Amazon US.

Let us now analyze the category on different parameters.

2- Market Dynamics Overview 

Here is some key Data on Products that spent the most time in the Top 100

Amazon Best Seller Analysis

We have analyzed here the average, median, top and low quartile, and min and max of the price, star ratings, and ratings of the top 100 products that entered the BSR Top 100 in the category Yoga on Amazon - the US.

Out of the top 100 products in the category, 75% of the products are on average priced at $21 with average star ratings of 4.4. The minimum star ratings obtained are 3.2. The maximum price quoted in this category in the top 100 is $44 and the maximum star ratings are 4.9. 

It can be inferred that the competition in this category is super high especially on the basis of price. A product with good ratings and in the top quartile price range could make it to the top 100 for sure. You can use our Amazon Best Seller Ranking to unveil the top metrics of the Top 100 products in any category or sub-node.

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3- Top 4 Brands in the Yoga Category 

1- Gaiam: This brand is the leader of the category. With 61 products, Gaiam has been present on Amazon for a total of 2184 days among the Top 100, when the average for all the other brands put together is 661. Its Top performing product is Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat, present for 81.64% of the year on Amazon and priced at  $24 on average. Gaiam’s success on Amazon shows that more customers are interested in Yoga and home workouts. This growing demand can be the result of the COVID-19 pandemic effect. The latter prompted U.S. citizens to find new creative ways of staying fit and sane during the lockdown, as many yoga studios and gyms were temporarily closed.  

2- 90 Degree By Reflex: Second on the list of the Top 4 brands in the Yoga category is 90 Degree By Reflex. The latter is dominating the presence rate charts with 40 products capturing the shelf for a total of 1597 days, and ASP of $26. Its top-performing product is a High Waist Power Flex Tummy-Control Leggings, priced at $26 and present for 60.55% of the year on Amazon. The majority of customers on Amazon U.S. positively state that this brand is Lululemon’s dupe. This famous brand sells athletic clothes for yoga, running, working out, and more, for prices that could go up to $120 for its leggings and yoga pants. 

3- ODODOS: It’s interesting how ODODOS is in the third position even with the highest number of products. With its 66 products, ODODOS has been present on Amazon for a total of 1523 days, with a presence rate of 100%. This brand has an ASP of $20, and its top-performing item on Amazon U.S. is ODODOS Women's Boot-Cut Yoga Pants. The brand offers this product in more than 21 different colors and various sizes, making it available for all, and maybe the reason for its high ranking on the list. 

4- Fruit of the Loom: With roughly the lowest average selling price, $12, on the Top 30 brands leaderboard, Fruit of the Loom managed to make it on the Top 4 best brands in the Yoga category. This brand has 31 bestselling products in the top 100 and a total presence of 1138 days. This brand’s winner products on Amazon U.S. are mainly Women's Tank Style Sports Bras and Front Close Builtup Sports Bras.

4- Top 4 Products in the Yoga Category

Amazon Best Seller Analysis: Yoga

2 of the 4 best selling products are Yoga mats. Here’s the list: 

1-Ozaiic’s Yoga Socks for Women

  • Price: $15
  • Reviews: 8,784
  • Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
  • Best Rank: 14; Worst Rank: 100

2- Gaiam’s Thick Yoga Mat

  • Price: $25.1
  • Reviews: 10,025
  • Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
  • Best Rank: 1; Worst Rank: 96

3-BalanceFrom’s Yoga Mat and Knee Pad with Carrying Strap

  • Price: $32.6
  • Reviews: 9,545
  • Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Best Rank: 2; Worst Rank: 100 

4-PHISOCKAT’s High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets

  • Price: $19
  • Reviews: 8,036
  • Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
  • Best Rank: 3; Worst Rank: 73

5- Top 4 Rising Stars Products in the Yoga Category 

Let’s now have a look at Rising Stars - products that most recently cracked the top 100 in the Yoga category on Amazon U.S.

1- CAMPSNAIL Women High Waisted Leggings

Amazon Best Seller Analysis

Who says Yoga, says Yoga pants and comfortable leggings. So obviously, our first rising star product is a high waisted women leggings from the brand Campsnail. First seen on Amazon on October 2nd, this product managed to generate over 800 global reviews and a 4.4 out of 5 star ratings, thanks to its fabric’s quality that is soft, comfortable, and available at all sizes.  These leggings are priced at $27, a reasonably competitive selling price compared to the other pants on the list. 

2- Colorfulkoala Women's High Waisted Leggings

Amazon Best Seller Analysis

Another high waisted leggings on the list! This time it’s from the brand ColorfulKoala, which is known for its convenient and high-quality gear options at affordable prices. These leggings or full-length yoga pants are also priced at $27, and with a total of 6 days in the best seller position, they managed to gather over 300 positive customer reviews and a 4.7 out of 5 star rating. You might be wondering by now what’s the difference between Yoga pants and Leggings, or whether if there’s any difference between these two items since most brands on Amazon include both in their product listings, especially the Product Title. So the main difference is the material. Yoga pants are made of opaque, thick with some stretch fabric, whereas leggings are made of thin, stretchy fabric. However, if they are both comfortable & high-waisted pants (which is the case most of the time), they can be used for yoga or any other activity requiring movements, like sports, or no movement at all! 

3-  Lamibaby High Waisted Yoga Pants with Pockets

Amazon Best Seller Analysis

Placing 3rd on the top 4 rising star products list is Lamibaby’s high waisted yoga pants with pockets. First seen on Amazon on September 28th, the product now has 4,7 out of 5 star rating and over 3020 reviews. The very competitive price can explain the product’s rising popularity on Amazon U.S. it’s set at $13 and has a pretty good quality according to the customers’ reviews. 

4-  Ohlyah Women's Seamless Wire-Free Bra

Amazon Best Seller Analysis

The 4th best performing product that has recently appeared on the Amazon marketplace is Ohlyah’s women’s seamless wire-free bra with removable pads. It first appeared on September 27, spent three days in a row in the best sellers, and earned itself a well deserved 4.2 out of 5 star ratings. 

In our study, we looked at the most expensive products, the cheapest ones, the products with the highest ratings, and the ones that have received fewer reviews but still made it to the top 30.

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