Free Shipping Promotions No Longer Be Supported

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Amazon sellers will have to make Advertising Promotions changes until January 13, 2020 if they offer free shipping promotions in their ads, which they use to encourage shoppers to buy more items to reach a free shipping threshold.

Several sellers have shared their dissatisfaction with the decision made by Amazon. One seller said it was a great way to get customers to buy more products, helping both sellers and Amazon – and it also helps consumers, as another seller pointed out.

Others asked Amazon to provide a rationale for the new policy that would prevent them in their ads from offering free-shipping promotions.

The “Free Shipping Promotion Deprecation” announcement is as follows:

“Free Shipping Promotions will no longer be supported starting January 13th, 2020. Please make any necessary edits to your Free Shipping Promotions in Advertising Promotions prior to this date. On January 13th, 2020, all Pending and Active Free Shipping Promotions will be terminated by having their status automatically updated to Expired and the Free Shipping promotion type will be removed from the Create a Promotion page in Seller Central.

“If you would like to provide free shipping for customers, you can set this up by going to the Shipping Settings within the Settings tab.

“We value your feedback on our Promotional tools. You can provide feedback using the Feedback footer in Advertising > Manage Promotions.”

Find the announcement and seller comments on Seller Central.

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