How Pixelme Helps Sellers do Retargeting on Amazon

Whether you have a $500 ad spend a month and only two hours to get it right, or a $1 million ad spend and all the time in the world, you can always make your advertising dollars go further.

Retargeting should be a key component of every digital marketer’s online ad strategy. 

It makes sense. You can choose to market to customers who have a passing interest in your brand and are just idly browsing products on their lunch break. Or you can choose to (re)market or retarget to customers who have already indicated that they are interested in your brand by visiting your website. 

You’ll undoubtedly need to spend some budget on both groups to acquire new customers, but retargeting makes that budget work harder.

What is retargeting?

Whether we realize it or not, we’re constantly being bombarded with marketing messages based on our past online behavior. This could be movie recommendations from Netflix or Facebook ads from that sustainable clothing company we were just checking out. 

Here’s an example from a consumer perspective. One minute I was Googling Pilates instructor courses, the next minute the ad below pops up on Facebook. It’s not a coincidence; it’s retargeting. 

How PixelMe helps sellers to do retargeting on Amazon

From a technical perspective, retargeting involves tagging visitors to your website with a cookie or pixel. This cookie or pixel then tells whatever retargeting platform you are using to display tailored ads based on the user’s action on your website. You can (virtually) follow a user as they browse and serve them customized ads wherever they go. 

The idea behind retargeting is to keep your brand top of mind until the user is ready to purchase. This might be a couple of hours later, or it might be in a few weeks. 

Take this stat: “92% of consumers will visit a brand's website for the first time for reasons other than making a purchase.”

Just because a customer bounces without making a purchase doesn’t mean they are lost forever. Jogging their memory and giving them a nudge later on down the line could be all it takes to get them over the finishing line.

By serving personalized ads based on a user’s past interactions with your brands, you can speed up their path to purchase and target them on the most relevant platforms. 

Here is a visual example of what retargeting looks like. 

How PixelMe helps sellers to do retargeting on Amazon

Types of retargeting 

Depending on the user’s actions on your website and what you know about them, there are different ways and different places you can serve up retargeted ads. 

Here are some common retargeting techniques:

  • Email retargeting – retargeting based on actions users take in your email
  • List-based retargeting – this happens when you’ve already collected someone’s data, such as when they have signed up to your newsletter or made a purchase
  • Search retargeting – retargeting based on relevant terms a user has entered on search engines
  • Funnel-stage retargeting – serves ads depending on the pages they visited on your website (homepage, blog, product page, etc.)
  • Cross-channel retargeting – different ads are displayed depending on the channel, such as social media or other websites

Just a note, you can also use retargeting to good effect once a customer has made a purchase. In that case, the retargeted ads serve to cross-sell or upsell products or reengage inactive customers. 

The value of retargeting for eCommerce

Retargeting sounds great in theory. But does it work in practice? Luckily marketers who have been around the block a few times have already shown that retargeting is successful in converting customers.

Here are some more numbers that prove how valuable retargeting can be:

  • Customers who see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website
  • A quarter of consumers enjoy retargeted ads because they remind them of products they’ve viewed previously
  • Retargeted ads can increase brand awareness by 1,000%
  • Retargeting can increase visits to your website by up to 700% 

That’s why you need to have retargeting campaigns in place to optimize your ad spend and drive up revenue. 

The Amazon equation

One issue with retargeting for eCommerce is Amazon. Most eCommerce companies have a presence on Amazon due to their huge audience. But when a user browses your products on Amazon and leaves without making a purchase, there’s no way to retarget them by displaying ads across other channels. 

This means a lot of lost opportunities for winning back customers. Even if they keep on browsing your products, you have no way to entice them back to your site. 

Sure, if they’ve already bought products from you via Amazon, or you have their details on file, you can use custom audiences on Facebook or Google Ads to target them. If not, then tough luck.

Until now.

The PixelMe platform allows you to retarget visitors to your Amazon shop as they browse the web and engage on social media long after they have left the site. 

When you are creating your ad, all you have to do is select the relevant option in the PixelMe platform and use the shortened PixelMe URL as the destination URL instead of the Amazon one. It only takes a few clicks and no technical knowledge at all. 

How PixelMe helps sellers to do retargeting on Amazon

You can use this shortened URL across any ad platform, whether that’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, or even in your emails. PixelMe also lets you monitor the performance of your ads so you can easily optimize and refine your campaigns.

Now that you can track everyone who has visited your Amazon store, you can use this data to create custom audiences to only target this group of people. Again, this simple process only takes a few clicks. 

Click on the “Create Custom Audience” button on the Facebook Ads dashboard, create an audience based on people who have visited the shortened URL you created before, and select that audience when setting up your ad. 

How PixelMe helps sellers to do retargeting on Amazon

Amazon is an extremely valuable channel for all eCommerce marketers, and retargeting is a very effective way to convert more customers at a lower cost. It makes sense to take full advantage of both.

If you want to learn more about how PixelMe can supercharge your Amazon retargeting campaigns, start your 7-day free trial, no credit card required.

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